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Link sAUsage: Saturday Morning Scaries

October 5, 2017

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

We’re now nearly two days away on the dot from Auburn’s kickoff with Ole Miss.

11 AM.

Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Where have we seen this story derail before? With a handful of those games under Tommy Tuberville that saw a hungover crowd and a sleepy team go through the motions and fall to an inferior team time and again.

At least the Tigers are aware that this will be tougher than the 66-3 beating that Alabama put on Ole Miss last week.

Auburn will welcome back a familiar face in former coach Wesley McGriff, who’s now on the staff in Oxford. We thought he was pretty good, but Auburn’s improved in his absence.

As far as the defense goes, they’ve played incredibly well this year (still the only team not to allow more than 14 points in a single game), but apparently that’s not good enough.

And in looking at the defense even closer, they’re just one of the reasons why you should throw away all those fears from the Tubs years and let the love for this team wash over you.

Much more coming, War Eagle!