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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs Ole Miss

Boat race? Boat race.

After the Rebs got Ackbar-ed hard last weekend by Alabama to the tune of a 63 point loss, it’s hard to see them having much success this weekend against a defense that’s equally stingy when it comes to the whole putting-the-ball-in-the-endzone strategy that is football.

What do our lovely bunch of contributors think will happen tomorrow morning? Read below.



I think it's time, y'all. It's time to go FULL BARN. There's no reason not to push around this Ole Miss team like we did Clanga and Mizzou the last two weeks. We should win every matchup on the board. Yes, it's an 11:00 AM kick, but it looks like it may be a blessing in disguise with the potential for hurricane/tropical storm weather Saturday night.

It seems like everything the fan base yells loudest for happens about three weeks later this year, so I imagine this is the game Barrett and Miller finally get significant touches. Oh, and Will Hastings is putting another poor safety on his highlight reel this week and scoring from 40+ again.

Let's make it 44-7 Auburn.


11am games will always make me nervous. I think we come out sluggish in the first half and let them hang around for longer than we should but pull away in the fourth on the wings* of Kam Martin**.

Auburn 34, Ole Miss 17


**I think if we say it with enough confidence, we can will it into existence. Join me.


I want to believe.

Man our Tigers have looked good the past two weeks. Both sides of the ball are making big plays. Patterson worries me with his ability to keep plays alive. I think they’ll make some plays, but their defense shouldn’t keep this close. The early kick might be the biggest opponent. Maybe it’s a one-score game at the half. It shouldn’t stay that way though.

Auburn 44

Porta Potty 17


Ole Miss tapped out early last week against Bama. They look for a good reason to quit and my guess is a couple Jarrett Stidham home run balls gives them reason to fold.

Ole Miss is bad at defense. Shea Patterson will make a couple plays but it won’t matter.

Auburn 49

Rebels without a clue 14


Auburn blows them out 52-10.

I’m confident we set a record in total yards this week and I really don’t see the defense letting the rebels score more than one touchdown.


Another home game where the opponent is simply outmatched. Auburn will continue to KERRYON with another victory.

Ole Miss 10-38 Auburn


My deep fear of the 11 am JP Sports kickoff stems from the 2006 game in which Arky offensive coordinator, Gus Malzahn, and his new-fangled Wildcat stomped #2 Auburn. I got sunburned in the upper deck watching that horrible game in person.

I'm always worried about an early kick (see also Jax State 2015) but I think our Tigers are on a roll.

Probably a little sluggish early, but enough to beat Ole Miss. I'll be following on my phone from the little league baseball fields, so Auburn, don't let me down.

AU 41

Ole Miss 14


*Rambling incoherently*

I believe the Miss St. defense is better than Ole Miss'. But, the early kick will counter any advantages from that difference. I was slightly concerned about this being a trap game heading into LSU, but they're just as bad and I'm not sure which has more of a trap/let down potential. I'll venture a guess that the final score will resemble the last two weeks. 50-10

What I hope we see in getting to that score is Pettway and KJ rested. Devan Barrett has impressed me in limited action. I'd like to see him get an extended run out, I'd love for NCM to finally get a few targets, and I'd like to see zero wildcat.


I think if anyone thinks this game will be close is overthinking themselves because this is going to be ugly. Ole Miss really isn't good at any part of football, especially defense. The offensive line is terrible, not a good thing considering the defensive line Auburn is going to run out there. Auburn should be able to run the ball pretty easily opening up some play action deep throws for Stidham to lay in the breadbasket. This one is ugly out of the gate.

Auburn 55 Ole Miss 10


Auburn gets Ole Miss at a good time. Three weeks ago, this might have been much closer. Auburn 52 Ole Miss 10


Ole Miss’s offense is a bit of enigma. They have the 6th most explosive offense but are 81st in scoring opportunities inside the 40. Basically, if they don’t score on a big play they have trouble putting it in the endzone. Auburn’s defense is ranked 4th in not allowing explosive plays. The Rebels will land a few punches but as long as Tigers’ defense continues to not let those go for 6 points, I think we keep their offense under control.

Defensively, Wesley McGriff is an aggressive playcaller and will dial up a large number of blitzes and stunts. That does concern me some as Auburn’s offensive line hasn’t exactly shown excellence at blitz pickup. This should be a great chance for both Stidham and the OL to gain some confidence moving the ball against an attacking defense. Despite all the pressure they bring, they don’t really make a ton of plays behind the line of scrimmage.

Auburn has gotten off to a fast start the last two weeks which is a welcomed new trend. I have too many bad morning games in my memory to believe AU will do the same Saturday. I think Rebels hang around for a quarter before AU starts to pull away. Late Rebel TD ends AU’s under 14 pt defensive streak.

Auburn 48

Ole Miss 17


Ole Miss apparently has no defense. They have no heavy cavalry. It’s not looking great for the Rebs. Throw in an attempted mascot change this week, and who knows what kind of turmoil these people are facing as they make the trip to Auburn.

In all seriousness, I don’t think they’ll be able to stop the run, and we’ll hit a couple early deep balls (which apparently they’re also not very good at stopping) to break it open early. With how much Shea Patterson will throw, I believe they’ll rack up some seriously meaningless yards, but he’ll get pressured by our front seven enough that he’ll give us two very costly turnovers, one of which goes for a score.

We’re favored by three touchdowns, but we’ve covered the spread and then some over the past two weeks, winning by an average of 38 points at Missouri and against Mississippi State at home. According to Vegas, we should win this thing about 39-18. Those are odd scores, so I’m going to subtract a touchdown from them, add one to us, and go from there.

Auburn 45 Ole Miss 10.


Add it all up, and we think the Tigers win by an average score of 46-11. Okay. War Eagle.