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Auburn stomps Ole Miss on the Plains

This game was a case of Ole Miss being outmatched on all fronts. Auburn’s defense was a bit shaky to start the game off as Ole Miss caught them by surprise with the high tempo, but the game slowly shifted in Auburn’s favor, as well expected would happen sooner or later. For the first time this year, the Auburn defense gave up more than 14 points. That’s not a knock on the defense, but rather a testament to how great they’ve been all year.

Kerryon Johnson is looking better and better each week, while still not 100%, he has still been really dominant running the ball. He’s that great, overall runningback Auburn has been looking for. He has power, speed, and high IQ. He added 28 carries, 204 yards, and 3 TDs to his season total today. Oh, and he also has 11 TDs in the last 3 games. Johnson is the nation’s touchdown leader and the most impressive part about it all is that he missed one game this season and he’s doing all of this while carrying an injury. It’s safe to say Kerryon Johnson is a damn good football player.

This game was a great indication that the offense is finally starting to put the pieces together. Everything is clicking for this Auburn offense and it’s a scary sight for other SEC teams because we already know what the defense can do, but if the offense continues ascending, watch out.

Jarrett Stidham also looked fantastic today. It does help that Ole Miss looks awful, but that’s a discussion for another day. Stidham was incredibly accurate and it goes to show, just give him some time and he’ll make things happen. The wide receivers from top to bottom are progressing and it’s refreshing considering how below average they looked early on in the year.

Auburn will head to Baton Rouge to take on LSU next Saturday. It looks like an easy win on paper, but this could end up being a tricky one for Auburn next weekend. However, if Auburn continues playing like how they’re playing right now, there are not many teams that can beat them. LSU has struggled recently, but we all know that this will not be a walk in the park, by any means.