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Because Why Not?

We suffered through the memories of painful losses last night, so let’s get right for tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Auburn vs Georgia. The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

125 years of Auburn football comes to a head tomorrow against the first opponent in program history.

We haven’t done much against them lately, so let’s have a little fun remembering the good times. There have been some fun moments against Georgia, and a lot of wins, so let’s draw on that as we get ready for a humongous SEC regular season game with all sorts of implications. Auburn controls its own destiny — for the conference, for the playoff — and Georgia’s trying to reach its first national championship situation in nearly 40 years. They’ve basically been the Hebrews of college football, wandering around aimlessly, almost finding the oasis, but never truly quenching their thirst.

Here’s to hoping that Auburn continues to deny them that highest pleasure and accomplishment, and keeps Georgia in the doghouse. It’s been fun over the years.

Got a little carried away there. War Eagle.