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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs Georgia

It’s time to put up or shut up, for both sides.

Alright, we’ve got the number one team in the country tomorrow at our place. Somehow, SOMEHOW, Georgia’s atop the rankings despite coasting through a pretty easy schedule. Man, I wish those attempts to move us to the East had worked.

How do our contributors think tomorrow shakes out? They’re a confident bunch.


So how good is Georgia ? I would argue this is the worst SEC east we have seen in many years. If I’m a UGA fan I’m not excited about a true freshman playing in a rocking Jordan Hare. The team with the best QB wins this game. Auburn has the best QB.

Auburn -27



This is a very even game on paper. Georgia seems to be just a bit better in most categories, but Auburn is at home and has a better quarterback. Auburn has one of the best pass defenses in the country, and they limit scoring chances. If they can do that on Saturday, there isn’t a special teams miscue, and if Stidham can hit a couple of explosive passes, Auburn should win. Those are three big ifs.

I think Auburn does just enough. The crowd affects the game to win some hidden yards.

Tigers 23

Dwags 17


Either I'm going to have a great Saturday evening or I'll be going to bed early.

(That’t not really a prediction).


Man, this week is essentially a toss up, if we're being honest. I'm going to have to take a look at the match ups...

Campus: Auburn. Everything in Athens is uphill, and it's a pain to navigate. Auburn's openness and beautiful buildings like Samford and Ross take the cake here. 1-0 Auburn.

Downtown Scene: Georgia. I can't argue that. 1-1.

Surrounding Town: Auburn >>> Athens. Even my UGA friends hate Athens sans downtown. 2-1 Auburn.

Frustrating Losses this Season: Auburn 2, UGA 0. That's good, right? 2-2.

Chick-Fil-A's in Town: Athens has 4 to Auburn's 2. 3-2 UGA. Drats.

Marching Band: Auburn in a landslide. Dr. Corey Spurlin is the GOAT. 3-3.

Dang... It's a tie so far. What's left?

Wait. I got it!

Number of Mascots: Georgia just has a bulldog. Auburn has the Tigers/War Eagles/Plainsmen! It finally came in handy, we win!

31-30 Auburn.


I’m confident in an Auburn win because we have KJ and Jarrett and the Steele curtain. But also because being pessimistic is lame and a miserable way to go through life. I’d rather be disappointed in my hope than surprised by a good thing in a world in which I search only for the negative. If you are going into this thinking you "just know Auburn is gonna lose because Gus sucks” then I’m praying for you, dog, your life sounds rough. It’s football and football is fun y’all.

We win.

Auburn 34

UGA 27


This should be a defensive, low scoring game, but the reason we love college football is because of the fact that it's so unpredictable. If anyone can beat Georgia, it's Auburn. The defense will be extremely motivated and momentum turns into success a lot of the times. Not to mention this is a home game for Auburn.

Georgia 24

Auburn 27


I’ve written it a couple times before this, but I’ll reiterate again. Georgia hasn’t been punched in the nose yet this season. They had to win at Notre Dame with a hardly-hostile crowd against them, then went to Tennessee where the team and crowd was just waiting for the Vols to fall behind before they crumbled, and won at Vanderbilt.

The Notre Dame win is good, but they weren’t rolling like they are now, so I’m discounting it a little bit. Other than that, who are the wins against? Florida with a dead man walking leading the way? Missouri? App State? Samford?

The only common opponent between the two that matters is Mississippi State. Georgia beat them 31-3 at home. Auburn beat them 49-10 at home. If Georgia had played at Clemson and at LSU, would they be undefeated? You can argue that these two teams are very similar and very evenly-matched.

I’ll take the team that’s had its nose bloodied, had to overcome a little real adversity, had the doubters whispering, had to come together to win ballgames. It’s easy when things go right. How does Georgia respond when Auburn connects early?


Auburn tomorrow, folks. 27-16.


War Eagle!