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Georgia - Auburn Preview - Biggest Game Pt. 1

Just the first installment in the “Biggest Game of the Season” for Auburn

Auburn’s toughest test yet is going to be this Saturday afternoon against #1 Georgia. Will #10 Auburn be able to pull it off or will Georgia add another impressive win to an already outstanding season?

The biggest key in this game is going to be Auburn’s defensive line. If they’re able to stop Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, the Tigers will have a shot to win this game. As we all know, Jake Fromm is a freshman QB so making him throw against a stout defense could be a problem for the Bulldogs. Fromm has been impressive, but it’s definitely not easy to play at Jordan Hare, let alone be a true freshman playing there.

I’m more confident in the defense than I am in the offense. The defense isn’t my worry at all. My worry is that the defense will contain Georgia’s offense but the offense will do absolutely nothing. As we saw in the Clemson game, the defense put on arguably the best performance all season, but the team scored 6 points all game. If the offensive line doesn’t give Stidham time to throw, we could be in for a long game because we know exactly what happens when Stidham gets pressured. Kerryon Johnson needs to just be Kerryon Johnson and continue to be a stud for this offense because quite frankly, he’s the best offensive player on this team and the offense clearly runs through him.

When matching these teams up, they’re similar in a lot of ways. Great defenses with offenses that tend to struggle at random times for some odd reason.

If Auburn loses, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, obviously. Losing to the #1 team in the nation won’t be the problem, but if the offense just stops moving as a whole like we’ve seen, then the fans have every right to be angry. Auburn is coming into this game as the favorites, which I don’t completely agree with and I see it as some disrespect towards Georgia. The #1 team shouldn’t be an underdog, not matter who or where they’re playing.

Luckily for Auburn, they still control their own destiny so if they win out, they are going to give the committee a whole lot to think about because they’d have beaten #1 Georgia and #2 Alabama in the same year.