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Snap Judgments - Auburn 40, Georgia 17

Unfiltered thoughts on a win that certainly helps a lot of pain from the past!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn Montgomery Advertiser-USA TODAY Sports

Seven hells, man. That’s the most impressive win I’ve seen by an Auburn team in quite a long time. Total, utter dominance over the #1 team in the country, and we did it with style, baby.

It’s also nice payback for the last three years, and the shutout in 2012, and the blowout in 2011, and the close losses in 2008-09, SOULJA BOY, chubby Matt Stafford quarterback draws, Michael-Johnson-Oh-God-a-touchdown-in-the-corner, and much more.

Gus Malzahn offers our first snap judgment...

None of our losses to Georgia truly did what we did to them yesterday. They were on top of the world, and had everything to lose. Yes, they’ll still go to the SEC Championship with a shot at the Playoff, but there’s a serious blemish on them now.

That said, I’ll turn it over to our contributors for their thoughts in a shutting-down-Sky-Bar type of victorious afterglow.


Does this game make up for 2006-07, 2014-16? No.

Does this performance make up for the Clemson and LSU loses? Not really.

But is it great to be an Auburn Tiger? You're god damn right it is!


I loved everything about this game. From the Nick Fairley troll before kickoff, to the players dancing to Soulja Boy on the field in the second half.

The defense made UGA take a Chubb Fromm behind all game long. The offense was physical and seemed to do whatever they wanted, when they wanted. There's really not much more you can say about Kerryon. He's a stud.


Sheer bliss man. Just cathartic.


This one feels really good, boys and girls. Georgia has owned us the past decade, if we're being honest. For them to come in #1 and for a Auburn to just dominate the game in all 3 phases felt so good. Auburn lined up and played big boy football and beat Georgia at their own game and I loved every minute of it. This was by far Chip Lindsey's best called game of the year. He kept Georgia on their heels for 4 quarters. The defense dared Fromm to beat them through the air and he couldn't do it, as we all expected. Kevin Steele knew that if you shut down 27 and 1, that Georgia would be in trouble and Auburn did exactly let that. This is the proudest I've been of an Auburn team in a long time and I enjoyed every minute of that ballgame. Get through ULM injury free and bring on the Iron Bowl. War Damn Eagle.


A warm and hearty “Fuck Georgia” to all of the orange and blue brethren out there. War Damn Eagle. That was amazing.


I walked into the stadium and felt that it was going to be a good night. The fans were ready. That sort of buzz is really rare and usually it means the team is ready too. The stadium was loud all game. The line did what it had to do on both sides of the ball. So happy for the boys and Gus. It being Georgia and Kirby Smart just makes it better.


I haven't had pants on since around the 3rd quarter.


There’s a lot of hard drive space being used up by that game on a lot of folks’ dvrs now. I will wait until some hero puts it on YouTube and then download it from there. We will show clips of that game to our grandkids. We will dance in the fourth quarter for years to come!

War Eagle!


I must admit that the LSU loss crept into my mind as we began the second half, and even as we got up 30-7. With each successive sack or angry run by Kerryon Johnson, that fear got erased a little at a time, until that last throwback pass stuck a knife right into the heart of every Auburn fans’ doubts.

We dominated the #1 team in the country. Listen to that again, we dominated the #1 team in the country. It was easy, it was fun.

Gus got that swagger back, challenging spots up 30 points, going for the jugular, and then desecrating the body afterward. If the defense plays like that, we can do similar things to Alabama in two weeks, and again to Georgia in the SEC Championship.

When the polls come out today, we’re going to likely be #5 or #6, just on the fringe of the playoff hopefuls. It’s where we wanted to be, people. Let’s enjoy it today, and get back to it as we look ahead to an Iron Bowl where we may actually be favored.