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OTGs - Auburn 40, Georgia 17

Play, players, etc. of the game. There’s a lot to choose from.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was such a cathartic performance in so many ways. I remember the feeling in Athens in 2007 when the Bulldogs ran out in the black jerseys. I remember the sinking realization that we have no shot and that we’re about to get run out of the building.

By all accounts, Auburn, AL was that way yesterday. The energy on the Plains was resurgent, unlike it’s been in quite some time. Georgia scored first, and the fans in attendance didn’t blink. They just kept on howling for blood, and they got it. Get another atmosphere like that in two weeks, and we may very well see a similar victory for Auburn over Alabama.


How perfect was the throwback screen that gave us a 40-10 lead? It was the hammer that we needed. How many times have we watched Auburn have a big win, but never quite keep the gas going the entire time until the opponent’s absolutely demoralized? It rarely happens, but Gus got his swagger back yesterday.

For a really good bit of insight into the play itself, check out Chip Kelly’s explanation.

The fact that Kerryon Johnson wasn’t touched until he was at least 50 yards downfield is amazing. Georgia was totally stunned at this point, and we came up behind them and delivered the knockout blow. I absolutely love that you can hear Rod Bramblett practically take a big old breath before he explodes into “Touchdooooooown Auburn!” in the highlight.


It’s Kerryon Johnson. Has to be. Jarrett Stidham had a great game, yes, and we don’t win the game without him, but there’s a reason that some of his touchdowns were so open. Georgia had a ton to focus on with KJ running behind that solid offensive line.

When you get praise like this from a former Bulldog, you know it’s been a good day.

You’re right about that, Todd.

Kerryon finished with 167 yards rushing on 33 carries, 66 yards receiving and a touchdown, and blasted through linebackers and defensive backs like they’d slapped Mama Johnson. Shame on them.


We’re giving it to the entire defensive line. Jeff Holland, Marlon Davidson, Derrick Brown, and Dontavius Russell each notched a sack in this ballgame, with Holland and Russell absolutely obliterating Jake Fromm on separate occasions.

These dudes helped clog up the running lanes and pressure Fromm, while the linebackers missed just a couple of tackles all night. Auburn forced a ton of three-and-outs, and limited the special Georgia running attack to 46 yards on the night. Just a fantastic perfrommance from start to finish.


As Georgia drove late, trying to tack on some pity points at the end, they faced a fourth down. Jake Fromm completed a pass right to the sticks, but the receiver ran backward after making the catch and was tackled behind the line. After the first down was originally awarded, Gus Malzahn challenged the call. During the lengthy review, the geniuses upstairs in the press box decided that it was time to collect the bill from ten years ago. Interest had been running the whole time.

Oh it was glorious.


With Malik Willis in the game on Auburn’s last drive that would eventually run out the clock completely, Auburn called the standard read option play, but with the pop pass option added on. Willis, who wears #14 and looks strikingly like Nick Marshall on the field, faked to the back and rose up for the pop pass to Marquis McClain. The play gained 37 yards and certainly brought back some bad memories for Kirby Smart on the opposite sideline.


Huge win, but there’s much more to come. War Eagle!