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Link sAUsage: Sweet Afterglow

November 13, 2017

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I’m still riding high after that victory over #1 Georgia (now #7 Georgia), and I’m sure you are as well. Here’s a bunch of stuff you may have missed from the victory over the weekend.

At the moment, we’re still in play for everything that we may have wanted before the season began -- SEC, College Football Playoff. It’s all still there. It took a big boost after the win against Georgia.

We’re starting to see a reliable and dependable running back in Kerryon Johnson like we saw from Tre Mason back in 2013. He made a trip to New York as a Heisman finalist, and it’s not unlikely that KJ could do so as well.

If you want to see Kirby sort of walk back those statements he made about the atmosphere not mattering much, you can read all the postgame quotes here.

And for KJ’s backfield running mate, Jarrett Stidham has been pretty unflappable lately. Here are some numbers to back it up.

It’s pretty easy for Kerryon and Jarrett to run a good offense while the other is being so efficient and good at his job.

And for a couple of numbers on the defensive side of the ball, this is a huge reason why the team has been so successful.

We’re all looking ahead to Bama week after next, but we’ve got another game coming up before then, just a chance to keep the machine oiled and rest some guys.