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Hindsight is 20/20: Return of the Mad Librarian

He’s Baa-aack

Georgia v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I wrote last week about Auburn fans wanting the old Gus Malzahn back. He must have heard we’d been missing him.

What we saw Saturday was new wrinkle after new wrinkle, new ways to disguise the same thing. The pedal was to the metal. Runs went inside and outside. Passes went short, deep, and in between.

Gus Malzahn and Chip Lindsey rented out space inside Kirby Smart’s brain for three hours Saturday afternoon.

Combine all that with a flat out nasty defenses and you get Auburn 40 Georgia 17.

Saturday afternoon was a statement to the college football world and to the Auburn fan base: Gus Malzahn got his swing back, and he’s not going anywhere.

I have been pretty hard on Gus the last couple years, I will admit. And I will glady eat a heaping pile of crow for all of it. Please pass the gravy.

Part of the problem was recruiting busts, especially at quarterback. Jeremy Johnson was a miss. I don’t know how anyone could’ve predicted it. It still is so inexpiable especially given that first half against Arkansas in 2014. Sean White was overrrated and that became pretty evident. He played hard but just wasn’t the guy that you knew would get you to the finish line.

Jarrett Stidham is that guy. He’s a winner. He’s a gamer. And the last 3 weeks have been about as good as can be.

Kerryon Johnson has made a believer out of me as well. He’s almost frustratingly patient as he waits for the hole to open. And laterally he is so quick there are times I cannot believe he gets to the corner.

He almost makes me not miss the big ball of hate in Bubba Pettway. Almost.

The Auburn defensive front is the best and deepest unit in the country. So many guys just make plays. Sensei Mud is fast becoming my favorite player to ever wear the orange and blue. And kudos to Kevin Steele, who’s done the best job in the country the last couple years as a defensive coordinator. Auburn plays physical and angry. I love watching this defense play.

So savor this one, Auburn fans. But be ready for the UGA crybabies for years to come. They still whine about Nick Fairly. They’ll be pissing and moaning about our little Soulja Boy dance for years and years to come.

This week it’s November cupcakes as the yellow school bus of La-Monroe rolls into town. Here’s hoping we take care of business early and give our guys a much needed breather.

War Eagle to all! Enjoy one of the most satisfying wins in the last 10 Auburn fans!