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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs ULM

Is anyone worried about the Warhawks? No.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports


So my initial thoughts were that this would be kinda boring, Auburn wouldn't show anything, and it would be something like 35-17. Then I took a look at ULM's S&P+ stat profile ( I audibly gasped. 115th in defensive efficiency. 118th in explosive plays allowed. 128th in finishing drives.. They are three miles past terrible on standard downs (129th), but hey they're way up to 117th on passing downs!

Their offense is actually pretty good on standard downs, so maybe they shorten the game and put some drives together. Auburn will probably be obliged to let them. However, I just don't see Auburn falling short of 40 or even 50 points here without 5 turnovers.

Auburn 44

ULM 16


This one will get ugly early hopefully for LaMo. Here’s hoping Stidham, Kerryon and the D Line get to take the second half off. I’d love to see Johnson only have about 15 carries.

It won’t be close, but expect a couple Monroe TDS in mop up time.

Auburn 48



I think we get a big comfortable win. I think there’s a shutout going to the second half but the Warhawks get on the board against our walk-ons and freshmen.

Malik Willis has a field day.

Auburn 52

ULM 10


What we all want is a quick easy dismantling of LaMo that allows our starters to leave their pads in the locker room at halftime. Stidham to go 12/14 for 220/2, KJ to have a 15/150/4 line by halftime. Street clothes, smiles, and dancing in the second half.

They may get those first half numbers, but we all know from experience that they'll still be in the game deep into the 3rd quarter and long after we start screaming to get them out of the game.

Either way, here's to hoping we get through the game healthy.

AU - 51

LaMo - 10


I forgot to make a prediction last week and seeing how that was Auburn's best game of the season it seems obvious that I should not make anymore rest of the season.... #Science


It'll be easy for Auburn to get complacent and struggle early on, but I expect them to get the job done and in impressive fashion against a team that they should realistically handle.

Auburn 41 ULM 17


Easy win. That’s all that really needs to be said here. We’re all worried about injuries and all that, but I think this looks more like a scrimmage than anything else. The crowd won’t be nearly as amped as it was last week, but expect them to still make an impact as they work up an appetite for Thanksgiving.

We’ve been really good scoring in the first half since Clemson and Mercer (A&M was our only real down note), and so we should be able to get five or six scores of some type in the first half against ULM before giving the starters one more drive for a capper to start the 3rd quarter.

Malik Willis gets a lot of time, Devan Barrett cracks 100 yards, and everyone feels pretty good about keeping it clean and quick before we turn our attention to Bama.

Auburn 55 ULM 14