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Link sAUsage: Tigers’ Den

November 20, 2017

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost, it’s Iron Bowl week. Thankfully, you’ve only got a couple days in the office before Thanksgiving that you’ve got to deal with those crimson coworkers, then you can go along hating them from the comfort of a pumpkin pie coma until kickoff on Saturday. For those of you with actual Bama fan relatives, I’ve got nothing for you, head back to camp.

The big news as we begin this Monday morning was announced Saturday night, and there wasn’t ever really any doubt about this announcement coming forth.

Remember the last time these guys came to Auburn for the Iron Bowl? I think it was 2013, and I think Alabama was ranked #1, and I think the SEC West was on the line, and I think we won. Unremarkable game though, I’m sure.

If Auburn somehow gets through Alabama, there’s the SEC Championship in a rematch against Georgia (and the first time the Tigers/Bulldogs have met in Atlanta if it happens). That’s not set in stone yet. What is set is that this is probably the most top-loaded schedule in Auburn history.

If we get to the Playoff, we will have earned it for sure.

Check out a couple of notes as we turn the page to Alabama.

Meanwhile, someone thinks we beat Alabama and get in. The mothership also thinks we may end up getting a rematch with Alabama.

Hey, like we all said, after the loss to Clemson and the loss at LSU, everything we wanted is still in play.

I’m all for it, let’s eat plenty of turkey and get ready for a huge game this weekend. Need you like you were last weekend, Auburn. Get rowdy, War Eagle!