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What Are We Thankful For?

As Auburn fans, lots.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and in the spirit of efficiency, I’d like to name some things that I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for Travis Tidwell, who led Auburn to a 14-13 win over Alabama for the Tigers’ first win over the Tide in the resumption of the series.

I’m thankful for Shug Jordan, and I would’ve walked with him rather than ride with anyone else.

I’m thankful that he led us to our first modern national championship, and put the biggest clowning on Alabama that we’ve ever had.

I’m thankful for Lloyd Nix, Red Phillips, Jimmy Sidle, Tucker Frederickson, and Mailon Kent.

I’m thankful for a quarterback that also chose to ride with Shug, and a punter that knows how to shake Johnny Musso out of his shoes.

I’m thankful for the mirth, merry-making, and high-fiving that led into the 1972 Iron Bowl, creating inflated egos on the crimson side and allowing our scrappy underdogs to find a way.

I’m also thankful for Gary Sanders and Gusty Yearout.

I’m thankful for a spirit that’s not afraid, and a coach in Pat Dye who wasn’t afraid to face up to a legend.

I’m thankful for a running back willing to carve his own path.

Year after year.

I’m thankful for any opportunity to rip out their hearts.

I’m thankful for leadership that wouldn’t stand for the injustices forced upon us in the neutral site of Birmingham and brought the Auburn people a game they deserved.

I’m thankful for anyone that ever put on a blue jersey (okay, maybe not Eric Ramsey).

I’m thankful for facing down the odds and creating our own perfect season.

And I’m thankful for Jim Fyffe.

And Jim Fyffe again.

And yes, yes, yes... yes, Auburn, yes, I’m thankful for Jim Fyffe.

Boy, he was goooood. Still thankful for Jim Fyffe.

And we’ll miss Jim forever, but Rod did okay his first time around.

And I’m really thankful for Tommy Tuberville, Al Borges, and Gene Chizik.

I’m thankful for Brodie Croyle (or maybe it’s Chris Capps that I like).

And Quentin Groves. Miss you, buddy.

I’m thankful for the most transcendent player in college football history.

And for the reverse Rammer Jammer again.

I’m also thankful for the greatest single play in college football history.

All angles of it.

And that reverse Rammer Jammer again.

But most importantly, I’m thankful to have been brought up the right way — as a member of the Auburn family.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone. War Eagle, Beat Bama!