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Hindsight is 20/20: Manhandlings and Man Crushes

Step 2 is complete.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

I had the feeling 2 weekends ago after watching Auburn rip Georgia apart and Alabama struggle with a mediocre Mississippi State.

“They aren’t any better than us. For a change, they really are about the same top to bottom.”

Former AU lineman and good friend Colin Sears told me a couple days later he thought Auburn was a good 10 points better than Alabama.

“Pump the brakes,” thought I. “Colin is barning hard.”

It turns out the former Auburn offensive lineman who saw the best and worst of times in his tenure at AU was correct. Auburn was better.

And it could have been worse.

Auburn gave away at least 3 points on a Jarrett Stidham fumble inside the Bama 10 in the first quarter. Alabama managed one decent drive the entire game, when they came out and ran the ball to start the second half. Strangely, the never tried it again, and Auburn took full advantage.

You don’t see if often by any team, and I bet you can count it on one hand, but Auburn manhandled Alabama Saturday.

Led by the best defensive line in college football, a running back with more heart than any I can remember, and a quarterback that every Auburn co-ed crushes on, Auburn was the better team Saturday. And it really wasn’t close.

Auburn co-eds aren’t the only ones. I have discovered that man crushes are real. If Jarrett Stidham called me to help him move, I’d totally be there with a back brace and a dolly cart. He could borrow my favorite power tool and keep it forever. He could come over and have the last beer in my fridge or my last hot wing. The way he shreds defenses and smiles sheepishly makes all of us weak in the knees. You had me at hello, Jarrett. You had me at hello.

Now, it’s Georgia. And the question is: Will Kerryon be able to go? They have ruled out Bubba again this week. That fracture must be of San Andreas proportion, because many expected him back. Auburn needs KJ in this game, no doubt. But would I bet against them even if he can’t play? Not a chance. Our assassin with the boyish good looks will pick Georgia to pieces. He may throw it 50 times. 30 of them may go to Ryan Davis, who at this moment is running wide open across the middle in Minka Fitzpatrick’s dreams.

Step 3 to get into the playoff is within our grasp. This team will not let go. Auburn will beat Georgia Saturday. You know it. I know it. Kirby Smart knows it.

War Eagle. Barn Hard.