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Staff Predictions - Auburn @ Texas A&M

Are we going to stay on track or get caught looking ahead?

Alright, November’s here, and as Tray Matthews says, you get remembered in November.

Let’s see if this month starts off worth remembering or not. How do our contributors think things will pan out in College Station tomorrow morning?


I was pretty bummed to hear about Pettway’s injury. I think that could really hurt the offense moving forward if KJ gets nicked up. Time to see Barrett, Miller and Martin step up.

I was worried about this game until I saw the Ags get dominated by State. It is a road game, it is at 11 AM, but I think a fresh Auburn defense dominates a freshman QB and I think an Auburn offense hits some big plays against a defense that gives up big plays.

Auburn 31

Texas Aggies 14


A&M's defense is prone to giving up big plays on the ground. Their offense has also allowed a ton of sacks. Those are 2 things that could cause major problems for A&M Saturday. On the flip side, Christian Kirk on special teams could be an equaling factor. If I am Auburn, I do everything in my power to prevent giving him the ball in any return situation. There's absolutely no reason Auburn should lose this game but I thought same thing before LSU so who knows.... Still, I think AU gets it done on the road thanks to a multi TD day by KJ & a dominant DL performance.

Auburn 34

Texas A&M 17


We have to win this game. Auburn is far too talented, far too experienced, and has played far too well this season to lose a game to the Aggies. I think there isn’t any reason on paper for anything other than a blowout to occur. I’m only nervous because of the second half of the LSU game, but I strangely feel that taught the coaching staff a lesson.

Auburn wins a comfortable morning game 42-17.


Texas A&M's defense hasn't been good at all this year and that's going to be huge for Auburn's offense which is known to struggle at times. Not only could this be a huge win, this could build a lot of confidence for the team heading into some huge match-ups coming up.

Auburn 41-17 Texas A&M


This was more of a worry before Mississippi State went in and blew out A&M last week. I just don't see Kellen Mond making enough plays against our defense to keep it close. Does the "Auburn against a backup QB" curse come into play? Maybe. I think Johnson and either Martin or Stove bust a couple of runs, Stidham makes a few nice plays, and Auburn is comfortable before the 4th quarter.

Auburn 31

Texas A&M 13


As most of everyone has said above, I think these two teams are trending in opposite directions. Auburn does the right things to beat this Texas A&M team, and that's running the football and rushing the quarterback. The Aggies give up about 147 yards per game on the ground (48th in the country) compared to Auburn gaining 238 ypg, so I expect Kerryon (and hopefully others) to put up some yards even without Pettway. Fingers crossed Kam Martin gets significant carries, but who knows. I also liked seeing the read option become a legitimate threat again against Arkansas. Even if it's only two or three keeps/game for Stidham, it opens up a whole new world for the rest of the offense. On the other side of the ball, Auburn and A&M are tied for 104th in the country in sacks allowed, but half (literally HALF, like 11 out of 22 kind of HALF) of the sacks given up by Auburn came in one game. I expect Jeff Holland and Co. to continue to wreak havoc against either an injured Nick Starkel or a talented but erratic Kellen Mond.

Auburn scores quickly, then stagnates, then scores some more. The defense has another sack fest and maybe gives up a big play or two (don't we always in this game?), but it doesn't matter. The road team wins this game, as is tradition.

41-14 Auburn


Like the others above me, I was nervous about playing the Aggies up until they went and got blown out by Mississippi State. You like to use the old transitive property, but that bit us against LSU.

I don’t think the coaches will allow a similar result against a team that’s not nearly as good as we are. Kellen Mond got a little nicked up last week, and the Bulldogs got to play against Nick Starkel. If we get to do the same, it could get pretty ugly tomorrow morning. I believe the talk coming out of our camp over the past few days (Pettway news aside), that the defense is completely healthy, and the offensive line is ready to go.

Kerryon Johnson will snag another couple of touchdowns, but I don’t think he gets a ton of rushing yardage. I see this as a big game for Jarrett Stidham, throwing for 300 and a couple of scores as we get up early (again) and this time actually cruise to a victory.

By the time you’re settling in to watch our next opponent take on South Carolina, we’ll be sitting at 7-2 with a 35-9 win over the Aggies. The defense comes to play.

War Eagle!