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The Official Unofficial College and Mag Survivor Pool - Week 10

It’s the final countdown

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

You made it to November! We’ve come a long way together this season, but now it’s time for business. With four weeks left (and 20 of us pickers), it’s about time for us to start losing some games. Y’all have done great so far, but I took a look this week and who had what picks left. Needless to say, it isn’t pretty. Almost everyone has taken at least two of the big 3 (Bama, UGA, and Auburn), and several teams who will be are just plain bad have not been picked by many people (looking at you, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Vandy). Take a peek for yourselves*.

Hmmm, I wonder why nobody has taken Florida?

I’m really interested to see what everyone’s game plan is the rest of the year. I think it’s a given who most people will be taking in Week 12 (and this week, honestly), but outside of that, there’s a bunch of risky games left.

Saturday, November 4th

11:00 AM

UMass (2-6) at #16 Mississippi State (6-2)

Florida (3-4) at Mizzou (3-5)

#14 Auburn (6-2) at TAMU (5-3)

WKU (5-3) at Vandy (3-5)

2:30 PM

South Carolina (6-2) at #1 UGA (8-0)

3:00 PM

Ole Miss (3-5) at Kentucky (6-2)

Coastal Carolina (1-7) at Arkansas (3-5)

6:30 PM

Southern Miss (5-2) at Tennessee (3-5)

7:00 PM

#19 LSU (6-2) at #2 Alabama (8-0)

Happy picking everyone!

*I think I’m going to present picks like this the rest of the year. It’s a little easier for everyone to keep up with what they have left this way.