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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs Georgia

Part 2. The Sequel. Redux. The Revenge. Whatever.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again! Didn’t we just do this? I would’ve done another Suck Out the Poison article for Georgia, but I think we did just that and exorcised those demons. If you need a little more reason to make the Bulldogs pay the consequences for their transgressions, then you can definitely read that article again and get mad for tomorrow’s game.

What’s going to happen tomorrow? We had some people pick Auburn to win fairly handily the first time around, and so it’s time for more of them to Barn hard and keep the faith. Read on.


Auburn can still move the ball and score with a limited Kerryon, just not quite as well. Auburn’s defense carries the Tigers to a 27-10 victory.


I think we win this one 24-17. Bring on all the holiday heartburn. I'm ready.


Auburn has confidence that Stidham can throw it 40 times if need be. And if Auburn’s O line plays the way they have all year, Miller or Martin or Barrett will have room to run. That being said I still think KJ plays and plays well.

Georgia’s big worry needs is the Steele curtain. They won’t be able to run it or protect Fromm. No amount of scheming or play calling will change that Auburn is better in the trenches.

Final 4 baby!!!

Auburn 31

Uggs 16


Auburn is better along the line of scrimmage than Georgia. I think Auburn wins this game as long as its special teams doesn’t shoot itself in the foot.

I think Auburn is going to be able to move the ball even with kerryon banged up. Hopefully Kam Martin is ok and can offer some help to #21.


My troll pick is 41-17 Auburn. In truth? I see it as a closer game. I believe Auburn proved it was the better team, but Georgia won't make as many mistakes, and maybe Auburn makes a few more. I still like Auburn's advantage on both lines, and I still think Auburn has the better quarterback. That pulls it through.

Auburn 34

Georgia 24


I think this game will be tougher than the first time, but Auburn is just the better team on both sides of the ball. Auburn will be able to control the line of scrimmage again against Georgia's inexperienced offensive line and Auburn's offensive line will be able to open holes for whatever half back is back there. Stidham is the much better QB and it's not even close. If he stays hot, which there isn't any reason to think he won't, and Auburn doesn't give up big plays on special teams, Auburn wins by double digits again.

I'll take the Tigers, 31-13. War Eagle.


I think at this point we know the defense will hold strong. Even if you believe that the UGA offense is better than they played in JHS, the fact that Steele’s unit only gave up 14 to Alabama a few weeks later tells me that this Auburn defense is just better than their competition. The only offense in the country that I think could hang 30 on us is OU right now.

That being said, it comes down to the Auburn offense. Is Kerryon healthy? What’s the plan if not? Georgia’s going to have to guess at a lot of these questions this week. Personally, I think if Kerryon can’t go, I would trust Stidham to go win this game. Mix in a handful of carries for each of the other RBs, but if Stidham drops back to throw 30 times, the UGA defense would be totally unprepared. We’ll just have to see!

Also, it’s like an early Christmas gift getting two (official) #GeorgiaHateWeeks in a year.

War Eagle and Merry Christmas, y’all.

I forgot I’m supposed to pick a score here... 38-13 Auburn. War Damn.


There are so many people thinking about the fact that Georgia played a terribly sloppy game and that there’s no way it happens again. I agree in that they won’t play as poorly as they did, because Auburn got a bit lucky on the fumbled punt and the leaping penalty, and maybe a couple other times. Yeah, they dropped a wide open touchdown pass. Why was it wide open? Carlton Davis flat out slipped and fell down on the play. So who really got lucky on that play?

Did Georgia’s offensive line get better in three weeks? Did they figure out a way to plug the holes that Auburn’s offensive line opened? Did they figure out a way to tackle Ryan Davis? Did they figure out how to cover Darius Slayton? Does Jarrett Stidham thrive against the blitz?

Auburn didn’t come out and play Alabama with the same game plan that they used against Georgia, and so it stands to reason that we’ll see another wrinkle or two tomorrow. Whether Kerryon Johnson plays or not, it won’t make that much of a difference. We’ve still got talent in the backfield and they can still run through the holes we saw in the first meeting. If Stidham has to shoulder more of the load, he can do that. This game will be won by the Auburn defense once again.

Tigers slow down the run game again (although not quite as effectively), and they get to Fromm again to break up the passing rhythm.

Auburn 27, Georgia 17.