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Game Preview and Open Thread - Auburn vs Georgia

One bunch of Bulldogs stands between us and the Playoff.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Stadium Views John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I wrote a bunch of meaningful stuff about the Alabama game, quoted Bruce Springsteen, and IT TOTALLY WORKED. We kicked their asses and it was awesome. Now, we have to get back up again for the third time in four weekends as we have to play another top tier team in the Georgia Bulldogs.

The first meeting three weeks took place in Auburn against the #1 team in the land. Now, whether that ranking was deserved or not is irrelevant. Georgia hadn’t lost, they’d beaten Notre Dame in South Bend, and they looked very good. Auburn took their manhood away, and sent them packing back to Athens, where the lights had long since been turned off, according to the gospel of Rod Bramblett.

Two weeks after that, we humbled Alabama. It was a similar story, close game for a half, and then Auburn took control. The Tigers dominated the final 25 minutes on the way to their biggest win in the series since 1969.

Now, at 10-2, Auburn’s a lock for the Playoff if they get by Georgia for the second time in less than a month. After losing those two contests to Clemson and LSU, Auburn’s certainly had to earn its keep as the team’s come to the brink of another SEC Championship.

It’s pretty impressive, too, when you think about it. Gus Malzahn won the SEC in his first season at Auburn. Then Bama, Bama, Bama. Now, Auburn’s got another shot. If Auburn wins tomorrow, Gus Malzahn will have won 40% of the SEC titles during his time on the Plains. If Georgia wins, it will be the SEC East’s first championship in nearly a decade, when Florida won in 2008.

It won’t come as easy for Auburn as it did last time around. This game’s not at home in front of what’s been easily the biggest home field advantage this season. The Auburn crowd has been a frothy mess, causing mistakes by the opponents, and serving as a dancing extension of the Tigers on the field. For those fortunate enough to have been at the Georgia and Alabama games, consider yourselves lucky.

The task gets more difficult as well, simply based on the fact that we won’t have our SEC Player of the Year candidate Kerryon Johnson at full strength. Whether he plays or not, KJ’s not at full strength, and won’t be quite the impactful presence he was back on November 11th. It’ll be down to Kam Martin, Malik Miller, and Devan Barrett. Of course, if we get a Willis Reed/Kirk Gibson moment, then how awesome would that be?

People are saying Georgia’s not out for revenge, not embarrassed, not jonesing for a rematch and another shot at the Tigers. That can’t be true. Emotions play into SEC football, and Georgia will be ready in front of a more even crowd to show that the first game was an aberration.

It’ll be down to Auburn to prove that it wasn’t.

Kickoff nears, everyone. What have you done to beat Georgia today?

War Eagle.