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Snap Judgments - Georgia 28, Auburn 7

That sucked.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Georgia vs Auburn
Me too, Stiddy.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn lost the SEC Championship yesterday, 28-7, to a team that we’d beaten already by 23. Injuries and the motivational factor of revenge seemed to be the problem for us, and that dang first touchdown curse lives on against the Bulldogs. So, what do the rest of us think?


Welp. Beat them on aggregate.


I’ve had better.


We beat #1 Georgia and #1 Alabama and got to the SEC Championship Game against all odds. We were too banged up to finish the deal. Unlike Clemson or LSU, this wasn’t a game that it felt like the coaches blew. They were just better tonight.

Looking forward to a second-straight New Year’s Six Bowl. This was a fun season.


Give Georgia credit, they were the better team tonight. They were healthier and more physical. Their coaches made adjustments from the first game and they executed better. Auburn came in extremely banged up, weren't as physical, didn't execute, and the coaches didn't seem to make adjustments. Maybe the Arkansas crap was a bit of a distraction, or maybe it wasn't.

I'm not one of the "just happy to have been there" crowd. You play to win the game and dammit, I wanted to win. I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed for the seniors that busted their tails to get there. I'm disappointed for players like KJ that probably shouldn't have played, but did and laid it all out there as best they could.

10 wins and winning the West is good. It's something to build on. A big portion of this team will be back next year and should be ready to make another run at it all. I'm looking forward to that.

War Eagle, always and forever.


Lot to ask for a team to beat Georgia, Bama, and Georgia three in a row. They had a good game plan and whipped Auburn up front.

Still a great year with 2 big time wins over our two biggest rivals to end the year.


I second that.

When it was happening, I was frustrated because I knew we could play better and beat them. But, we were just too banged up. I never questioned the coaching. The calls were not the issue. We just plain ran out of steam.

I live in Georgia and I’m wearing my Auburn gear proudly today because this team deserves it. Let’s get this deal with Gus done now. WDE.


What a season.

If you told me after the LSU game that we would lose one more time, and it would be in the SEC championship game, I would have been ecstatic. I am still ecstatic. Love this team. Love Kerryon Johnson like a brother. Wish we had Kam Pettway in this game, just because i think the coaches don’t like the other 3 backs’ pass blocking ability.

I want to know so much about Carlton Davis.


I felt oddly unemotional about this game all week, while both the first Georgia and Alabama games had me in knots leading up to it. I guess that means I know that we’ll get dump-trucked deep down in my conscience. Whatever.

As for yesterday, we went in short-handed with two of our stars on the short end of the injury stick. Kerryon’s health was an obvious concern, and we didn’t present much of a threat up the middle. On defense, Tre Williams and Carlton Davis going out caused the defensive lapses late, otherwise we may have just lost 13-7 or something like that, which would’ve been even more frustrating.

This time around we made the mistakes that were killer, with the fumble and the blocked kick taking at the very least six points off the board. It likely should’ve been tied at 13 going into the final quarter, but we didn’t make the plays.

People are mad, and rightfully so. We weren’t prepared to play this game and I believe our guys probably thought they’d be able to roll over the Dawgs like they did three weeks ago. They were the number one team in the country at the time for a reason, and they proved it yesterday. Jake Fromm is going to be a problem like Aaron Murray was for four years in the SEC.

So what about Gus? I want him to stay, because no matter who we get, the transition will suck and wouldn’t be good for Auburn. Gus has been an integral cog in one of the most successful periods in Auburn history, and we’ve been going against the toughest string of opponents that we could face during that time. Imagine if Gus was our coach during the early 2000s — we’d have a couple titles, I’m sure.

If he goes to Arkansas, it’s fine. He’d be going home, and we all know the allure of going back to mama. It would be a terrible business decision for him, though. If anyone believes that Arkansas is close to us right now in any capacity, they’re delusional.

All in all, good season, we beat the hell out of Georgia and Alabama, and lost in the SEC Championship. We won ten games, and had a blast doing it for the most part. Can’t really ask for more than that. If yesterday’s loss does anything more than leave a bit of a bad taste in your mouth, and doesn’t let you enjoy the past two SEC games at Jordan-Hare, then you should reevaluate.

War Eagle.