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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs UCF - Peach Bowl

Final game of the season, can’t hold anything back now.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn vs UCF, who ya got? Our staff has a very decidedly pro-Tiger outlook on this one. Can’t play defense? Don’t expect us to pick you to win.


Originally I was worried about how seriously Auburn was going to take this game. After seeing the comments from both sides, I’m not worried anymore. I think our offense moves the ball at will and our defense slows them down enough. Look for some non-offensive scores from both sides.

Auburn 47

UCF 31


I’ve got to give these guys credit, they really, really talk a lot of trash. I’m really excited for UCF to get the matchup they’ve wanted all season. And I look for Auburn to remind Scott Frost why he’s getting to a place where you can field a competitive football team.

Auburn 45 UCF 23.


Cam Newton cleats, y'all. can’t lose.

Loveliest Village on the Plains 42

Commuter School in Orlando 28


I think their offense can score on anyone, but I also think their defense can’t stop anyone, especially an Auburn team loaded with big, fast athletes. I think whatever running back is back there for Auburn has a big day and Hastings and Slayton both score on deep balls. Huge day from Stidham. Stove on a jet sweep for a long TD as well. Give me Auburn 52 UCF 27.


I think the outcome of this game is pretty simple. If Auburn comes out motivated to play after the letdown of coming up a game short of making the College Football Playoff, they should win this game fairly easily. If not, it could be a very interesting game. So far, the Tigers look relaxed, confident and happy to be in Atlanta, all good signs they’ll be ready to play Monday. I feel like if Auburn can execute their offense the way they have since the LSU game and play defense the way they have all season long, it should be a Happy New Year for Auburn fans.

Auburn 45 UCF 27


I think we come out hot for a possession or two each way, and then coast into the half. Ya know, the way we have all year. But, I think we come out a play a great second half and win this one by a score or two. UCF can ball, and they are probably the best offense we’ve seen all year sans SECCG-UGA. The good thing is this team has excelled at open-field tackling this year, which is how UCF has beaten so many AAC teams this year (turning broken/missed tackles into big plays).

I’ll be looking for Stidham to have plenty of chances through the air in this one, and on defense, our secondary will have to be ready. I trust Carlton/Javaris Davis to have good games, but guys like Jamel Dean and Jordyn Peters will have to be playing their best too.

Regardless of how it goes, enjoy Monday y’all. It’s the last big day of CFB for the season. War Eagle and Happy New Year!


The best team UCF has played this season is Memphis. Auburn has beaten 2 of the 4 teams in the playoff. I cannot believe the smack talk coming from the UCF side.

If Kerryon is healthy and the defense shows up at all Auburn wins this thing going away.

I can’t wait to be there in person with the wife and kids.

Auburn 49

Florida directional school 21


I haven’t really felt anything in my gut (except for all that Christmas food) up until the end of the week, and maybe it’s getting rid of all that heavy holiday stuff that’s freed up my inner eye to properly predict the Peach Bowl.

After looking at some of the numbers, and seeing that UCF’s allowed 1400 yards combined in its past two games, I like -- nay, LOVE — our chances to score north of 40 points. UCF’s defense has been bad despite playing a relative cast of nobodies. The first ranked team they played was USF, and the Bulls posted 42 points. The second ranked team they played was Memphis in the conference championship game, and the Tigers put up 55 points. Auburn’s got the quarterback and the receivers to make the big plays happen, and now the Tigers will have broken in Mercedes-Benz Stadium once already.

On defense, I expect our defensive line to give McKenzie Milton a little less time than he’s used to. He was sacked only twelve times this year, but I’ll be surprised if we get less than three against a patchwork offensive line.

I’ll be sitting in Section 220. Come and find me and celebrate each Auburn touchdown accordingly.

Auburn 48, UCF 24

War Eagle!