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New Year’s Resolutions

How can we be better in 2018?

It seems like every year around this time we get those people that rue the previous 365 days.

“2017 wasn’t my year, and things are going to be different in 2018!”

Of course, if you do nothing to change yourself, then the ensuing year will be exactly the same as the crappy one that came before it. That’s why we have New Year’s Resolutions. You resolve to make changes and conscious decisions to better your actions, thoughts, and outlook so that things work out better for you. Now that you’ve seen how things really are, you should have the experience and the know-how to make a good decision for the future.

As Auburn fans, I’m sure we can think of a few things to improve upon for 2018.

Here’s a good one. Stop doing this.

But make this a weekly tradition.

You only live once, so go to Sky Bar, get dirty, get drunk, cheer as loudly as you can, leap through the hedges...

If you tear your best new Auburn threads, don’t worry. We’ve got you.

Celebrate, dance when you want, and don’t pay attention to what others may think if you’re doing what makes you feel good.

Dance. Eat those tacos when you should eat a salad.

Enjoy every moment.

If you struggle, if you stumble, if you fall, don’t bottle it up. Let the pain out. Cussing helps.

Just support our Auburn men and women.

Personally, I should be less negative when things look like they might not be going our way. I get nervous.

What’s the worst that’s going to happen? We lose a game? It’s not like any one of us would be taking bodily harm.

No, if you’re scared, just shrug off the fear.

Enter every situation with a positive attitude!

But make sure to stay on your toes.

Support Auburn in every way! No matter what!

Because great things happen with work, hard work.

Take 2018 and make it yours in every way possible!

Happy New Year and War Eagle!