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Four Star Wide Receiver Noah Igbinoghene Signs With Auburn

Auburn gets a track star and a great kid

Noah Igbinoghene with his future coaches.

Noah Igbinoghene will make Rod and Stan stutter for a while. I had the pleasure of calling his name out his sophomore season when I was the play by play guy for Husky TV in Trussville Alabama. Everyone in Trussville just called him Iggy.

Noah is a burner. He strides like he has been running track since age six. Because Noah has been running track since the age of six.

Noah’s parents were SEC and Olympic sprinters. His mom medaled for Nigeria in the 1996 games in Atlanta.

I know this family personally. They are great people and I was so excited to see Auburn take a chance on Noah, because he has a very high ceiling, and a great work ethic.

At Hewitt, he was listed as a wide receiver, but spent about 50% of the time in the backfield. Think of him as a Percy Harvin type.

To watch him run on the track or in the open field is like watching a mini Usain Bolt. He strides like a world class sprinter. It doesn’t look like he’s running fast. It looks like he glides.

I look for Noah to be a jet sweep guy for Auburn, but he is the type who can take a slant and turn it into an 80 yarder like it was nothing.

He’s a great student as well. He will make a fantastic addition to the Auburn family.

War Eagle, Noah! We can’t wait to see you in orange and blue.