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Auburn Football 2017 Post-Signing Day Position Analysis: Linebackers

A way too early look at Auburn's 2017 position groups.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

With signing day behind us and a new class of Tigers on board, it's time to turn our attention to what this football team may look like going into the 2017 season. We still have spring practice to go and many of the 2017 recruiting class won't arrive until this summer, but it's the offseason and a time of making up content, so that's what we're doing.


I set this group for Valentine's Day because I love it so much.

Key Losses:


Key Returnees:

Paul James III, Tre Williams, Tre' Threat, Montavious Atkinson, Darrell Williams, Richard McBryde, Deshaun Davis


Chandler Wooten, Kenney Britt, Tadarian Moultry


Yes, I could have listed TJ Neal as a key loss, but I don't consider him to have played a key role in 2016, so I didn't. This, like the DBs, is another stacked position. Consider this: Auburn's 2016 linebacker play was the best it has been in years and every major contributor will return for 2017. That should get you pumped.

Tre' Threat and Richard McBryde haven't had a lot of playing time, but they're good depth and potential to contribute a lot. Paul James III is back from injury, though he projects more as a DE/Buck, I believe. Tre Williams and Deshaun Davis were the primary starters last year, but don't be surprised to see Montavious Atkinson work his way into more playing time.

This is not an incoming class of three linebackers that expect to redshirt, either. Tadarian Moultry could be an immediate contributor. Kenney Britt and Chandler Wooten aren't far behind. This is a deep and talented position group and I can't wait to see what Travis Williams does with them in his second year as linebacker coach.

Projected Starters:

Tre Williams, Deshaun Davis, Montavious Atkinson