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Link sAUsage: 2 February 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Makayla Martin
Makayla Martin
Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics

It's fitting that today is Groundhog Day with Signing Day being yesterday. Because now the whole recruiting cycle starts over again!


First, we have to cover this since I didn't do a link-dump, yesterday. Tuesday night's game against Tennessee in Auburn did not go the way we wanted with the Tigers suffering a ten point loss, 77-87.

It sure has been a strange last few weeks for Auburn Basketball. Drew wrote about the past week for this week's "This Week in Auburn Hoops.


The NCAA cleared Sunny Golloway of any infractions. Soooo... there goes Auburn's argument that they fired him with cause, right? Or did just the possibility of putting Auburn in that position warrant it? I don't know.


The football team wasn't the only team on campus who had a big day, yesterday! The soccer team also signed a pretty big class.


Multiple Tigers have been named as players to watch for the Player of the Year award.


So, Auburn has a lot of new players, now. We have a couple of ways you can quickly check out the stories surrounding signing day. First, there's the Signing Day HQ article with links to all of the commits. There is also the Story Stream, which is pretty much the same thing.

What did Gus have to say about each new member of the class? He had a small little blurb for each and every one of them in his press conference, which is summed up here!

There are Signing Day ceremonies, and there are creative and fun Signing Day ceremonies. This is the latter. Seriously, how great is that? It's obvious few people in that room knew he had that final committable offer from Auburn.

Two of Auburn's 2016 signees - who have been battling cancer - may be cleared to participate in Spring Practice. That would be an awesome development.

AUNerd wrote a FanPost wrapping up the Auburn recruiting class. You should definitely check it out; it's a pretty comprehensive wrap-up.