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Link sAUsages: 21 February 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Always fun to put up a picture of T-Will during his playing days.
Always fun to put up a picture of T-Will during his playing days.
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Alright, so I'm back at it. Kind of. I'll at least try to keep the link dumps going up, but we'll see how much else I post aside from the stuff already scheduled this week.


There are some really worthy projects out there to give to for Tiger Giving Day this semester. Check them out!


New trees! Again! See how the two new trees are looking after they were planted Saturday morning.


Hey, the Tigers took the series over George Washington! And, overall, things looked pretty good. Things were particularly nice with pitching the first two days. See this week's Baseball Notebook on the official site.

Mid-week games begin this afternoon at 3 pm as the Tigers welcome Jacksonville State. They'll also play on Wednesday against Florida A&M.


I promise we'll have some more stuff on baseball (and softball) in the next few weeks. It just may take a bit to get it rolling.


The game on Saturday was... not nice. The Tigers dropped their third straight, 62-81. We're getting into desperation territory if Auburn wants to earn a post-season birth.


The first Regional Qualifying Score rankings are out. If you want to know how strange rankings and stats are in college gymnastics, the Tigers have not "won" a meet all season long, but they're ranked 14th.


The weekend went very well for the Tigers in the Plainsman Invitational. See the highlights, stories, etc on the official site.


The Post Signing Day position analysis continues! We're on the TE/H-backs. If you've missed any of them that I've posted, we've got a great Story Stream where they're all located!

Travis Williams has a very bright future as a coach for the Tigers. He's proven his on-field abilities and is proving those right who thought he would be an excellent recruiter.

Auburn QB commit took part in Nike's The Opening Regional this weekend. He reaffirmed his commitment to Auburn and mentions that he talks to Chip Lindsey all the time if you were wondering about the interest between the two parties with the change in offensive coordinators.