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Auburn Football 2017 Post Signing Day Position Analysis: Running Backs

A way too early look at Auburn football's position groups for the 2017 football season.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

With signing day behind us and a new class of Tigers on board, it's time to turn our attention to what this football team may look like going into the 2017 season. We still have spring practice to go and many of the 2017 recruiting class won't arrive until this summer, but it's the offseason and a time of making up content, so that's what we're doing.

Running Backs:

Key Losses:

Stanton Truitt

Key Returnees:

Kamryn Pettway, Kerryon Johnson, Kam Martin, Malik Miller


Alaric Williams, Devan Barrett


It's beautiful. I'm going to miss Stanton Truitt, I thought he did a fantastic job with the situation he was put in, but his loss isn't going to hurt all that much.

The Tigers return their top two rushers from 2016 in Kamryn Pettway and Kerryon Johnson. Kamryn Pettway finished with 1224 yards while missing parts or all of 4 games. More if you count not playing in the second half against LSU due to a nagging injury that kept him out against ULM (also rumored to be why he didn't play against Clemson). Kerryon Johnson finished with 895 yards even though he missed all of the Mississippi State game after the first series and the Arkansas game which featured a ground onslaught rarely seen in the SEC. They're both back and may have a better passing game to help open up the run game.

I haven't even gotten to Kam Martin and Malik Miller and I'm already excited. Martin hopefully has bulked up a bit since last season, but he was impressive in his limited opportunities. Malik Miller looked great until his injury and could provide the backup to Pettway in the bruising RB role. Then there are the signees. Williams can line up next to the QB and also motion out to the slot and play WR. Barrett was Auburn's #1 target on the RB board and could provide an immediate impact. I kinda think Barrett may end up redshirting, but I know he doesn't plan on going that route.

This is a stacked group. Auburn should suffer no issues at RB unless everyone on the team gets hurt (like before and during the UGA game last season). I can't wait to see them back on the field.

Possible Starters:

LOL, "possible." It's Pettway and Johnson.