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Link sAUsage: 24 February 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Haley Fagan
Haley Fagan
Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics


Fresh off a 4-1 start to the season, so far, Auburn will take on Holy Cross in a three-game set that begins this afternoon at Plainsman Park at 2 pm.


After being down late, the ladies mounted a furious comeback thanks to an 11-1 run in the final minute to end their six-game losing streak and beat LSU.


The Tigers' bats are heating up and the defense and pitching are as stellar as ever as the Tigers won their 9th straight with a 6-0 win over North Dakota, last night.

The Tigers have a busy weekend ahead of them with the Tiger Invitational this weekend. They'll play two games tomorrow, two Saturday, and a final game Sunday.


Do you want recruiting news? Well, we've got recruiting news for you! AUNerd takes on Auburn's newest staff member, Larry Porter, and his affect on the Tigers' recruiting efforts, so far.

We're close to finishing the post-signing day position analysis articles, now. Yesterday, we tackled one of the most stacked groups on the team: the running backs. If Auburn finds any sorts of a passing game that backs teams off the line of scrimmage, this is a group that's going to hurt a lot of people.

Spring Practice is just a few days away. You know what that means? It's List Time! lists "10 Breakout Candidates" to keep an eye on this spring.

Do you know when Auburn is practicing? The schedule of practice days was released, yesterday. It's about like every other year. Gus wants a few days of practice before Spring Break, then the Tigers take the break off, then get back into it before A-Day, and then have a final day of practice after A-Day.