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Link sAUsage: 4 February 2017

A Saturday link dump!? Yep. Because I got too busy and forgot yesterday.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Happy weekend, everyone! So, I somehow completely forgot to do a link dump the other night and I have zero time to work on articles during the day at this point. So, since there are things that do need mentioning, I decided to do a special Saturday edition.


Man, that sweet sweet SEC Network money is doing good things for teams in the SEC right now.


The ladies made it a close game in the 3rd quarter at one point - cutting the lead to 6 - but Mississippi State is dominating at basketball, right now, and pulled away on a huge run to win 77-47.

The men are back in action tonight in Tuscaloosa. We'll have more on that later today, of course.


The Tigers have yet to win a meet this season, but they do continue to improve with each one. They set 14 season highs on a very young team that is really starting to find itself.


Thursday afternoon we decided to go ahead and take a quick look at the 2018 recruiting class. Yep, we're just finished with 2017 and already looking at 2018. Because recruiting never ends.

If you missed it, AUNerd wrote a great FanPost breaking down the 2017 class. We'll have more on them in the coming weeks as we start to look at the depth charts going into Spring.

The renovations to Jordan-Hare Stadium for a new locker room, press box, and more has been approved by the Trustees. It's nice to see some changes for the better being made to Jordan-Hare.

Wow, what an embarrassing day for First, there was the tweet about the Eltoro Freeman situation. Of course, you'd never know it was a former player from the headline or the blurb underneath in the tweet if you didn't know Auburn's football team and players.

Then there is this "article" about whether Auburn will waste its Top 10 class. I don't recommend you click on it. I just want you to know it exists. Even in the tweet I put out on it last night I screen-capped the article rather than linking it. Could you have that discussion? Sure. But not when you're so dumb that you don't know why Jarrett Stidham was the #1 JUCO QB even if he didn't play in JUCO and didn't know that Todd Monken wasn't forced out at USM in part because Lindsey must not have been able to do enough as his OC (Lindsey did so much that Monken went to the Bucs as their OC; he was in no way, shape, form, or fashion fired) and also apparently didn't pay attention to how well Lashlee handled play-calling duties up until Sean White and Kamryn Pettway got hurt.

Seriously, that is an absolutely pathetic piece of "journalism." I get it, has writers who love writing opinion pieces designed to troll Auburn fans. This is still just sad. See, this:

Is the definition of "Fake News."