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Link sAUsage: 9 February 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Auburn in the post-season conversation? That hasn't happened in so long that it almost seems like a new thing. It's certainly something new since I've been writing. I was trying to think of when Jerry Hinnen would have talked about it on the old Joe Cribbs Car Wash about it, but then I remembered that Auburn wasn't really even in the conversation for the postseason in the entire existence of the JCCW. So, this is kind of a new thing for the online Auburn world. It's only happened in 2009. All of that to say that Jerry wrote about it for The War Eagle Reader and you should go check it out.


Clint Myers took Auburn from a weak player on the softball scene to the NCAA Tournament, to the WCWS semi-final, and then to the finals themselves in his first three years on the Plains. How did he do that? Phillip Marshall explores the "Myers Way" and how he's managed to build a softball powerhouse.

They're opening games against Oklahoma and Washington being televised by ESPN to start the season "show how much softball has grown" according to head coach Clint Myers. This is a team replacing a lot of key pieces, and Myers sees these early games as a sort of baptism by fire. They're playing College World Series level games to open the season and give them that experience early on.


The softball team isn't the only team taking on Oklahoma this weekend. The #16 ranked Auburn Tigers are in Oklahoma City to compete against #1 Oklahoma at the Perfect 10 Challenge.


Freshman Taylor Russo was named the SEC Freshman of the Week for her work in both doubles and singles play last weekend against Illinois and Michigan State.


Where does Auburn fit into the SEC Power Rankings for after signing day? Well, they're fairly high on Tigers, we can tell you that much. At least two Tigers. The other... not so much.