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Auburn Announces 2019 Out-Of-Conference Game Against Tulane Green Wave

The Angry Wave is coming to the Plains.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn announced a deal for an Out-Of-Conference game in 2019 today, as they'll welcome an old SEC foe in the Tulane Green Wave on September 7th in Week 2 of 2019, It will be the second game of the season following the opening week tilt against Oregon in Dallas on 31 August.

Of note, Tulane's head coach is Willie Fritz. He was the head coach of Georgia Southern when this coming season's opening game against the Eagles was scheduled. Fritz's offense in Statesboro was very similar to what Gus Malzahn ran in 2013. It's possible that this could have played a part in getting this game on the schedule.

With that in mind, this could be a very dangerous game (assuming Fritz is still in New Orleans). He is an excellent coach and will have a few years to build his team and his system there. Georgia Southern under Fritz was a team no one really wanted to face, and that was with only a year or two in the Boro.

Right now, these two games (Oregon and Tulane) are the only two games on the schedule for 2019. We're still waiting for the other two non-conference games to be put on the schedule.

2017's OOC slate is obviously set as we're already in Spring Practice. The 2018 schedule is still missing one game as the current slate is to open the season against Washington in Atlanta on September 1st, welcoming Southern Miss to Auburn on the 29th, and then a November 17th game against Alabama State.