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Link sAUsage: 14 March 2017

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The midweek games this week are against in-state foes Jacksonville State and UAB. The first game is this afternoon against the Blazers today at 3:00 pm Central. The Jacksonville State game will be at 3:00 pm Central Wednesday afternoon. Both games will be available for streaming on WatchESPN.


The wait for the ladies between the end of the SEC Tournament and the selection for the NCAA Tournament is a long one. Now, well over a week later, the ladies know their fate. And it's a good one! The Tigers are the 11th seed in the Lexington, KY region. That's the final region that was announced, so, needless to say, they were a bit excited once the announcement was made and their waiting paid off.

On the men's side of the basketball court, Auburn is out of it, but we can still have some fun with the bracket challenges. You know you're filling them out all over the place, anyway, so why not join in our challenge? gives their post-season report on the Tigers and a look at the promising future with the players currently on the team and those coming in this Fall.


The 2018 class is off to a pretty good start and the news could get even better in the coming weeks. Auburn is poised to land a few big name targets who want to shut down their recruiting early. AUNerd covers the start to this cycle and Auburn's Junior Day for us.

Prince Tega Wanogho Jr is a very large man. At 6'8, 300 lbs, he doesn't look like the typical offensive linemen. There is no big belly. There is no bad weight. He is built like a damn tank and looking to be a starter on the Tigers' 2017 offensive line. He's the guy at the end of this video saying "Get big, son! Get big!"

How confident is former Tiger Josh Holsey in the 2017 defensive backfield for the Tigers? Very confident. He had some high praise for them. Of course, it's been a long time since Auburn has had a truly great secondary, but still. has a "stock report" for where they see various players after Auburn's first few practices of the Spring. The Tigers are off for Spring Break right now, but they'll hit the ground running towards A-Day when they get back next week.

Malik Willis should still be in high school rather than going through his first collegiate spring. He's doing everything he can to learn it all this Spring to prepare himself for the future.