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Link sAUsage: 15 March 2017

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Tigers are really good at shutting people out, it seems. They lead the nation with seven so far this year. The big deal this time around is that it was in another midweek game where Auburn has struggled on the mound, recently, and following Sunday's shutout, too. They won 4-0 over UAB last night and will take on Jacksonville State this afternoon.


The ladies are ready to go for their second trip in a row to the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. They didn't waste any time getting back on the court last night to practice for the upcoming first round tilt.


The weather has canceled a "non-conference" game against Tennessee in Columbia, TN. The Tigers are still scheduled to play Middle Tennessee State in Murfreesboro, though.

Haley Fagan played a big part in getting some major hits when Auburn needed them most in the weekend series against LSU. For that, she was named the SEC Player of the Week.


Auburn added another future non-conference game to the schedule, yesterday. It's five years off and no one knows a thing about what either team will be like (there will be zero current players playing in that one), but Auburn will face Western Kentucky in 2022. examined Auburn's 2016 recruiting class and how they measured up in their first season in terms of playing time. There were some very important parts played by true freshmen.

There were four or five stars (depending on the service) at Linebacker on the team last year, but one of the best out there was a former 3* who saw only limited time prior to his redshirt sophomore season: Deshaun Davis. Travis Williams saw something in him and he showed up in a big way for his first game against Clemson and never looked back.