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Link sAUsage: 16 March 2017

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Will Holland turns a double play.
Will Holland turns a double play.
Dakota Sumter / Auburn Athletics

Sorry this is short. I forgot to finish it last night and didn't have a chance to this morning other than hit publish.


Don't forget to do your bracket before the games start today!


Winning your two mid-week games against in-state opponents is always a good thing. Winning them by a combined score of 14-1 is a great thing. That's what happened after Auburn beat UAB 4-0 Tuesday and JSU 10-1 last night.


There was no game last night, either, as it was also canceled due to weather for some reason.


The transition to Greg Brown as the Tigers' DB coach has been smooth, so far. There seems to be a lot of praise for him on the field and on the recruiting trail, as well. Which sure runs contrary to the things I was reading on message boards about how he won't be able to "relate" to his recruits. Personally, I still think coaching three Thorpe Award winners is all the relating he needs. The fact that he's a curly headed, goofy-dressing white guy has nothing else to do with it. has a list of teams they'd like to see Auburn schedule. Some of them are realistic. Some of them are trying to happen, already. Some of them are just dumb (Auburn's not going to play Troy so please just stop). Also, Notre Dame isn't on that list, so it's automatically a dumb list.