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Auburn Football Spring Practice 2017: Kevin Steele Post-Practice #2 Press Conference

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Auburn's defensive coordinator met with the media this evening following Auburn's second day on the practice field.

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So, I watched the whole thing and transcribed a lot of the key points. You can read them, or you can just watch it yourself at the very bottom! As much as I could I tried to get his direct words. It's nowhere near perfect, though, because I wasn't about to pause it and make sure it was perfect. This is on the fly typing.

The PC:

- It's a new year literally and figuratively. Lots of players back from the 2016 team who showed a lot of improvement and played well as a unit.

- Every team really is different. Even with players back, it's all different. They've started over, taking the template from what they did/said last year to install the defense and started at "ground zero" as if they'd never coached the players before. Building it from the very start, again.

- [In a tone indicating he knows it's a question that'll be one of the first he'll be asked] "Let's be real, 'how are you going to replace Carl Lawson and Montravius Adams?'" If we're just now trying to figure out how to answer that, we're in trouble. Always thinkings 2, 3, 4 years ahead in recruiting, etc. Always know some players will be gone in 3, some 4, some 5, so you better have someone ready to take over.

- No having to focus on getting players to be leaders, they have a lot of experienced leaders on the team.

- What makes defense physical isn't existent in shorts. See more on Saturday with the pads on.

- Jeff Holland is different from last season. Done a great job in the offseason in the weight room. "Remade" his body. He's very proud of it. Stronger, more muscle mass, he has a lot of confidence.

- Tre Threat has moved from linebacker to Buck LB/DE. Nick Coe practiced the game plan as if he was playing, got 70% of 2nd team reps during 2016 season, so he's been through practices and is ready to go. Paul James III playing there, as well.

- "There's a reason they fight heavyweight and featherweight" describing how much players getting bigger helps them on defense. I really like that analogy.

- Byron Cowart appears to have gotten a bit thicker. Concentrating on inside, right now. Has a lot of reps on the outside. Going to try not to move people around too much in the Spring. That's for Fall camp.

- At the Nickel position, he names Jeremiah Denson, Daniel Thomas, Michael Sherwood, Javaris Davis can go in there, too. Limited with Jamel Dean out. Dinson has looked really good at "Star."

- Sherwood is the 4th Safety right now, very thin at Safety with Boston gone (damn it, Boston).

- Sherwood is a utility guy, able and willing to play anywhere (but not defensive line). Kevin Steele is fun in a press conference.

- Marlon Character is at Corner right now, but he could go to Safety. Another utility guy. Refers to the Davis' as "JD" and "CD."

- Steele never saw Denson at Auburn before his injury other than a little bit of tape when he first arrived. At this point in time, he can't tell Denson was ever hurt. "He can run. He can run fast. And he's really, really smart."

- Greg Brown's transition was easy. No terminology issues, everyone was on the same page.

- Derrick Brown can transition to 4-3 to 3-4. Can play 6 technique, 3 technique, he can play the nose. "He can probably play right guard or right tackle." Really praises his ability to do everything on the defensive line, command double teams insides, etc.

- What does Tray Matthews need to improve on? "Everything." They're telling everyone that. He does some things really well, but everyone needs to take everything to another level. Tackling. Eyes. Ball skills.

- Sat down with every defensive player and went over everything they do well and then the laundry list of everything they need to do better.

- Tashawn Manning - "Amazing story." He was used as a "life lesson" for the team - something they do often - the other day. He has a skill set. "He sure is happy to be out there."

- Easier transition from Corner to Safety than Safety to Corner.

- Competition at every position. Guys like Chandler Wooten pushing hard and made a couple of plays that do not look like a Freshman.