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Link sAUsage: 20 March 2017

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Casey Mize
Casey Mize
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics


For the first time in 30 years, Auburn finishes a weekend against the Florida Gators by winning them all. The Tigers got the opening SEC series sweep against the Florida Gators! Way to go, Tigers!


The season wasn't the greatest for the Tigers, but they ended it on a high note with a season-high score. They finished 2nd in the afternoon session.


The ladies had a pretty good weekend, as well. They took part in a Spring Break Classic down in Tampa and won every game they played. There are still some worries, though. As great as the pitching is, the bats have not been as powerful as they need to be in the coming weeks.

It was a pretty historic weekend, though. Kasey Cooper and Kaylee Carlson both had huge days on Saturday.


247Sports got in on the "teams Auburn should schedule" thing. They have a much better list than the one did a few days ago, that's for sure.

The receivers are young and they're showing a lot of improvement this Spring even as two key cogs have been missing time.

John Franklin III is probably going to be a full-time wide receiver very soon (he's still gotten SOME reps at QB), and he seems to be taking to that role with a lot of gusto and seriousness. Here's to hoping he turns out to be a huge weapon for the Tigers this fall.