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Backup Quarterback Tyler Queen Transferring From Auburn

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The Tigers are down one QB, now.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon, via Twitter, backup quarterback Tyler Queen announced his intention to transfer from Auburn University.

This isn't a move that should really shock anyone. Queen has only seen a handful of snaps in garbage time last season after being injured and redshirting his freshman season. He was limited in practice during the Spring and then went through yet another shoulder surgery. He's been on a "pitch count" for most of his practice time with the team.

With Jarrett Stidham, Sean White, Woody Barrett, and Malik Willis on the roster, Queen wasn't likely to have much of a chance to break through into the rotation. It's unsurprising that he will seek to do so elsewhere, now.

We wish Tyler all the best in his journey. I really think that - if he had been healthy - he really would have had a chance to make a name for himself in last year's quarterback struggles. It just wasn't to be. Hopefully, he finds a good landing place and is very successful.