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Link sAUsage: 22 March 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Connor Davis
Connor Davis
Kris Sims / Auburn Athletics


The Tigers won their 8th game in a row with Tuesday night's 7-4 victory over Georgia Tech in Atlanta. It was the first road game of the season and it's easy to see how there could have been a let-down after last weekend's sweep of Florida. Instead, the Tigers performed well, overall, and came away with the big win.


The Tigers remain the 4th ranked team in the nation following last weekend. That's not really surprising given that the Tigers didn't look as steady in their sweep as they should have against the competition. It's funny that they did the best against the best competition, but struggled more than expected against the weaker.


A backup quarterback is transferring from Auburn. It's honestly the least surprising news of the Spring, to be honest. With the way things have played out in his Auburn career, so far, it wasn't likely that he was going to get into the battle.

Auburn was back on the practice field yesterday as the students returned from Spring Break. They're getting ready for the first scrimmage of the Spring this Saturday. Gus Malzahn met with the media and updated the status of WR Kyle Davis (still not back), injured players (doing well), and more.

Here's a bit more (though not much) on the Kyle Davis situation. Hopefully, whatever his "personal issues," he works his way through them. He's a serious talent with a very bright future and we definitely hope for his sake that whatever issues he's having, he gets them worked out.