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Gus Malzahn 25 March 2017 Post-Scrimmage Spring Practice Press Conference

The Tigers scrimmaged for the first time this Spring, today. See what Gus Malzahn had to say about it.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers scrimmaged today, and the master of coach-speak was on the stage afterward to talk about it. You really can't glean too terribly much from this, since he pretty much says exactly what you'd expect him to say. There are some pay sites with a bit more detail on the scrimmage already. We'll hopefully have more details on that later.

For now, though, here's the recap of what Gus Malzahn had to say!

- First half, wanted to just see who could line up, who could tackle, etc. Second half was more work.

- Let Woody and Malik go live. Good for them and good for the defense.

- Did a few live punts. Good to see what those going for the job can do.

- Solid day, good things for the offensive and defensive coaches and the players. Nothing like live football. Can't simulate it. Some guys respond in different ways.

- Stidham not going live because they have a little more information on him.

- A good day. Both Woody and Malik have running ability and used their legs. Good to see how they react in the pocket and with no quick whistle like when in an orange video.

- JF3 had a couple of catches at receiver. Did some good things, still learning the position, having played QB helps him understand it a bit more.

- Pretty even between first team defense and first team offense. D forced some 3-and-outs, offense moved the football.

- Good for Stidham in his first time really playing football in a year. He wasn't live, but scrimmage football still helps guys learn.

- On pace: Anytime you're practicing and running 4 plays and going off the field, you can't dictate pace. They have pace periods. As things went along, he felt the pace improved.

- 60% run, 40% pass. Normally in the past, it was 80%, 20%. Trying to be a bit more balanced by design.

- How many deep shots? A handful of deep shots down the field to give the receivers some chances. 8-10 off the top of his head.

- Sean White did 7on7, not putting him in 11on11 positions, yet. He's done well this last week. Chip has been impressed with and his retention.

- Jarrett and Sean splitting time in 7on7, getting a lot of reps. Dodges question on whether Jarrett has an edge. Can't really read anything into it. You can see the two young guys really getting better.

- Malik was able to shot off his athleticism in live action. More than anything, it's how they react in certain situations when they have to think through the process of the situation and moving the chains on 3rd and short "should I keep it, should I throw it?" etc were the biggest things.

- Kam Martin and Malik Miller got a whole lot of reps. The bulk of them. Did it by design. Neither one put the ball on the ground.

- JF3 made a couple of catches, 33 made a few catches (Will Hastings).

- Herb Hand mixed and matched the OL a bit by design trying to get a few new faces in with the 1st team to see how they react.