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Link sAUsage: 28 March 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Tony Duffy/Getty Images

FEMALE ATHLETES did a really neat feature on 10 of the greatest female athletes in Auburn history. There are some obvious names in Basketball, as well as some more recent names. I'm sure you can guess a current Softball player who made the list!


The Tigers take on the Tide in Montgomery tonight in the Capital City Classic. The game does not play into the SEC standings and really doesn't mean a whole lot more than bragging rights. Auburn has done well in this one the last few seasons, though.

Davis Daniel earned SEC Freshman of the Week for his 6 scoreless innings and 6 strikeouts against UGA in Sunday's series-clinching win.


Well, that series definitely didn't go the way we wanted it to. At least the Tigers salvaged one game in a series that had some strange moments.

On another note, Clint Myers reached a pretty big milestone last night:


Since he's been at Auburn, Sean White hasn't been able to work with the private QB coach who was a big part of his winning the MVP at the Elite 11 a few seasons ago. This summer, with the relaxing of those restrictions by Gus Malzahn, that will change.

Kevin Steele is hoping that Auburn's defense will be able to create more turnovers in 2017. As stout as the defense was in 2016, the turnover luck just never seemed to bounce their way on fumbles.

ESPN knows the QB battles in the SEC are the ones on everyone's minds. So, to break some of the monotony, they've branched out to cover some others. In Auburn's case, they're looking at the wide receivers.