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Link sAUsage: 29 March 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Tigers and the Tide played a close one last night in Montgomery in this year's edition of the Capital City Classic. But, as has become the norm, the Tigers came away with the victory.


So, that whole shoving thing? Florida's coach apologized for it.


ESPN is wondering if Jarrett Stidham is, and I quote, "gaining momentum" in the Auburn QB race and HAHAHAHAHA, yeah, of course he is. He's the only one doing anything right this moment since White can't go full speed.

Rodney Garner loves Spring Practice. It sounds like everyone else on the staff does, too, judging from this article on the official site about it being "fun every day." Garner also made it clear that he believes Byron Cowart faced some unreal expectations when he arrived on campus.

What's the biggest puzzle for offensive line coach Herb Hand? Who is going to replace Alex Kozan as the starting left guard. There are plenty of options for him to choose from.