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Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium Getting Field Goal Nets?

Say it ain't so!

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn's football field has always been clean with very little marring the sight lines (unless you're on the first 2-3 rows of the sidelines, in which case you can't see anything at all). Now, it appears that at least one end of the field is going to be getting the dreaded All State Good Hands field goal nets.

It's important to note as Clint Richardson does that this e-mail - apparently sent to ticket-holders who sit in the north end zone - only mentions a net in the north end zone. It does not say both end zones. That doesn't mean that it's not going to happen in both end zones, but it is interesting that this message only mentions the north.

Why is it important that the south end zone may be left out? If you're an Auburn fan, you know exactly why it's important. Just scroll down to Commandment 1 in Bobby Barkley's Ten Commandments of the Auburn Student Section.

It has become a tradition at Auburn for balls kicked by the opposing team into the student section end zone get thrown up to the top of the stadium and then tossed over the side. MOTHRATRON has somewhat limited this ability since it limited the space the ball can pass through, but the tradition hasn't stopped. In fact, it appears that it has been tacitly allowed in recent years since security guards haven't even been throwing the "offenders" out of the game.

I, for one, have never been a fan of tossing the ball out of the stadium. My only real complaint against it was for this very reason: I've been afraid it would lead to field goal nets. Now, it appears, we've reached that point. We're still left to wonder - unless/until it's confirmed by those who sit in the south end zone - whether the tradition will live on and only one side of the stadium will be getting the net.

If the administration has decided on only one end zone getting the nets, then that's the perfect compromise in my eyes. You still get to capitalize on the revenue of All State sponsoring the net, and you also still get to let the student section carry out their tradition. Of course, those raising the net in the south end zone - should it happen - could always "be a bit late" raising the net on each kick, too...

So what are your opinions on this? Sound off in the comments!