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Auburn Baseball vs Lipscomb Series Preview and SEC Baseball 3-5 March Streaming Schedule

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The Tigers are taking on the Bison in Auburn and looking to get back to the winning ways after the mid-week loss to Samford.

Josh Anthony and Luke Jarvis
Josh Anthony and Luke Jarvis
Kenny Moss / Auburn Athletics

Even with the Tuesday loss to Samford that saw the Bulldogs jump up big in the first inning and Auburn rally back to make it interesting, the Tigers are still off to a pretty good start in 2017. If they can lock down mid-week pitching, then there's a lot of reason to feel very confident about where this year may go.

For the third weekend of the season, they welcome the Lipscomb Bison to the Plains. The Bison hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Not exactly a place I would association Bison with, but I applaud them for a non-generic nickname. This will be only the third time the Tigers have faced the Bison, with the series currently at 1-1.

Kevin Ives (@AUPPL) has put together this awesome infographic that breaks down the matchup:

How about those ERAs for Auburn's Friday and Saturday starters? Wow. I know that's not going to last, but still. That's fantastic. Lipscomb's Friday starter is no slouch, either, so today's game should be quite the pitcher's duel. It looks like Saturday and Sunday lean heavily in the Tiger's favor, though.

Auburn's bats have been pretty decent, so far, with Jonah Todd recording a hit in all 9 games and Daniel Roberts' on-base streak continuing, as well.

This is a series Auburn should definitely win. It's not outside the realm of possibility that Auburn could even get its second sweep in a row. I'm not holding my breath for that because it would be quite the feat for any team, but I'm hoping the weekend goes that well!

SEC Baseball Weekend Streaming Schedule

Kevin does a ton of awesome things. This is another one. Here is every SEC game this weekend and where/how to watch it.