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Link sAUsage: 31 March 2017

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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You know you need a baseball hype video in your life. Don't miss this one.

Our preview for the South Carolina series (featuring Kevin's awesome infographics) will be up a bit later this morning. Until then, here's the official site's!


Same goes for Softball. I have that preview set for this afternoon, but the official site's preview is already up.

The Tigers are going to face an interesting situation, though, as late last night Auburn announced Associate Head Coach (and presumed next head coach when his father hangs it up) Corey Myers is resigning to focus on his family.


CROOTIN' NEWS! AUNerd is knocking it out of the park with covering recruiting for us. Be sure you check out his weekly updates on where Auburn stands. You don't even have to pay for it!

The sun is out. The sky is blue. Auburn is amazing. Tuscaloosa sucks. Herb Hand is mixing and matching the offensive line during Spring Practice. He definitely likes to make sure he's got the best set of players on his line.

Why did Will Hastings "fall off" after his start to the season? Word out of the scrimmage is that Hastings performed really well and was thrown to a lot. With Chip Lindsey's offense, a speedy guy who can make moves and gain quick yards on quick passes could get a lot of action.

Travis Williams has said it before but he reiterated it again the other day: if he could be like his linebacker coach, Joe Whitt, and coach at Auburn for his career, he'd consider himself blessed. I have a feeling with his coaching and recruiting ability, Auburn is going to be set at linebacker for a while.

First, let me say this... do NOT click on this link. Don't give this poor excuse for a "journalist" the page views. I try to be clean and calm with the language on here, but this article has perhaps the most assholish and fucking pointless beginning to anything I've ever read. Seriously, what possesses someone to write this in this manner and what editor let it go to print? Seriously, just look at this:

This is the same douchebag who got into it with Brandon Marcello on Twitter a few months back and came off looking like a worthless hack, then. This only adds to the impression.