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Auburn Football Spring Practice 2017 Gus Malzahn 4 March Press Conference Recap

Gus met with the Media following this morning's practice.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

So, once again, I actually listened to and attempted to transcribe this one as much as I could. Some definite good notes in here. I'm loving hearing the things he says about Chip Lindsey's offensive plans for the running backs and that he's letting Lindsey make decisions on the QB race, etc.

The Press Conference

-Overall very pleased with the first day in pads. Very physical. Went 30 minutes of "good on good," defense was flying around. Rotated a lot of guys offensively, it was good to see them flying around. Can really learn a lot when players get in pads. Love attitude and approach of the players.

-Chip tried to rotate as many QBs as he could. They all got a chance to get out there. Jarrett Stidham looked "pretty good." JF3 worked with QBs but got reps with WRs. "He has a skill set, everybody knows he's a great athlete." Has a great attitude, wants to help the team. Competing for starting QB job first.

-Malik Willis has a very strong arm. Just has to get used to a new offense.

-Woody Barrett is more confident than he was. Starting to settle in. Also has a real strong arm.

-Anytime you have guys who have been successful it equates into leadership. Handful of guys on that side [defense] with exceptional ability.

-Looking to improve at all the little things. Bit more emphasis on throwing the ball to the running backs out of the backfield than there has been in the past.


-More to RB than just running the ball. Carrying out fakes, protecting the ball, etc.

-Coach Hand mixing and matching early on at the offensive line. Really important to put different guys with the main group during the Spring to see how they react.

-Kaleb Kim and Austin Golson main Centers.

-Prince Tega farther along than last Fall. More confident. Three very solid practices, starting to get comfortable playing tackle. Getting more reactive. Better technique and footwork. Real athletic. Very athletic. Real pleased with where he's at. Think he got a few reps with the 1s.

-Sal Canella has good hands. Played WR in High School, so has that ability with his hands. Learning to put his hand on the ground in the H-back role. He and Jalen had solid days. They're improving. Chip wants TEs more involved. Would like for him to put on some weight before the Fall.

-WRs as a group overall confidence and attitude you can tell a difference. Year of experience and playing time. Can be a bit more detailed with them on little things in coaching. Off to a great start.

-Greg Brown has brought his expertise to the staff. Veteran guy. All the players respect him. He's a teacher. When he talks, they listen.

-Similar practice on Tuesday, Thursday will have a good practice before Spring Break. When they get back they'll put the ball down and have three scrimmages.

Happy that the Zach Cunningham leaping over the line FG block is outlawed. "I'm glad we don't have that play anymore." First all, he made an unbelievable physical play. Nothing illegal about it, just a great play, but glad it's illegal now.

-Marquis McClain just needs more experience. He needs this Spring. He has some physical ability. More from the standpoint of learning to play WR, the angles to block, angles to run routes, good thing is he has a very coachable attitude.

-How has Chip changed since he was here before? - He's been a head coach at HS level, understands how to work with people, build an offense. Leadership has stood out. Players are confident in him. Off to a very good start. He's a teacher, "there's no doubt." Very intelligent. Great communicator.

-Leaving cutting down the QB race up to Chip. Once he (Chip) feels a certain way, he'll make that call.

-Kevin is going back to the basics, building things up, then has a plan to look at things and leave Spring knowing strengths and what he needs to build for the Fall. A lot more flexibility in the Fall since he's back for his second year and knows the players and they know him.