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Auburn Football Spring Practice 2017: Position Changes, Injured Players Return, and More

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See some major updates from the media's brief viewing window of today's practice.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The media was able to view a brief window of practice today and what they saw was quite a bit of an update. There are plenty of other updates at,, and other places if you'd like to check them out. I'll link to them when I get a chance a little later on.

John Franklin III's Position

Let's start with the big one. JF3 was no longer in the orange non-contact jersey and was working with the wide receivers and special teams. It appears that what we've long known was coming has come to pass. We know JF3's speed is too big a weapon to be kept off the field and he was likely never going to beat out Jarrett Stidham or Sean White at QB.

Sean White's Status

Speaking of the QB battle, Sean White was back throwing the football. He wasn't taking part in the 1st or 2nd team drills, but he was throwing the football. I doubt he'll be fully good to go until the Fall, but it's good to see he's throwing. Regardless of who wins the starting QB job, we're going to need good backups, so I want to know every QB is healthy.

Injured Player Returns

Darius Slayton missed the first three practices, but he was back out there today. Slayton was one of Auburn's more reliable wide receivers as a redshirt freshman last season, so it's good to see that he's healthy enough to start participating in practice.

Bonus! Here's some video of QBs throwing the ball.