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Auburn Football Spring Practice 2017: Chip Lindsey 7 March 2017 Press Conference Recap

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Auburn's offensive coordinator met with the media for the first time following one of the practices. Find out what he had to say.

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Below is my breakdown of Chip Lindsey's first meeting with the press since his hiring a few weeks back. There's nothing earth-shattering in there, but it is still good information to get after practices to clarify where some position groups stand and his thoughts on his new players.

The Press Conference:

All great kids, it makes it easy going into the meeting rooms. Sean has been great, dialed in, helping Chip coach. Done a good job of mentoring the younger QBs along with Jarrett Stidham.

Sean has done a lot of footwork, drill work, a lot without throwing. He's on a pitch-count.

Great having Coach Pat Sullivan out there "A legend."

Probably not going to name a starter in the Spring. Jarrett, Woody, Malik getting a bulk of the reps. If JF3 doesn't win the starting job, he'll move positions. Still in it and working with the QBs.

Malik is a mature kid, played in a great program at Roswell, smart, trying everything he can to soak in everything. Thought the game slowed down for him a bit, today. Really like his progress.

Stidham is really hard on himself. Confident but not arrogant. Knows he has a lot to learn, impressed with his preparation every day. Doing great on the field. Naturally talented.

Woody is a talented guy. Still trying to figure it out in his first Spring. Lindsey has been pleased with all of them so far.

On QBs working on fundamentals away from practice: doesn't have a problem with QBs working with outside coaches. He knows most of the guys they're working with, anyway.

Hoping Darius Slayton is back as quick as he can [still has to go through the 2-day period before pads if that happens at all after his surgery].

Different guys each day at WR stepping out. Kodi is doing a great job with them, they're really improving.

Tega has a legitimate chance at left tackle "time will tell, he's in the mix." Definitely likes his progress.

On RBs getting thrown to more: Pettway is better pass-catcher than he gets credit for. Developing as a route runner will only help him. Really pleased with them. Praises Tim Horton as one of the best RB coaches in the country.

On Larry Porter as TE coach: He's a ball coach, he can coach any position offense or defense. Been a head coach. Understands offense, done a great job. Likes what he's seeing out of the TE group.

Goal for TEs in Spring: All need to mature physically (can't do that in 15 days). Be able to block at the point of contact. Want a guy who is versatile. Build an offense around playmakers. If the TEs are one of the top 3-4 playmakers, they're going to catch the ball a lot. The more versatile with the TEs and working at different spots, it'll only help.

How does he like to handle scrimmages (will QBs go live)? There are places he's been that QBs have gone live, each year is different. Not sure if they'll do that, yet. At some point, they need to be tested but have to be smart about when. They may start narrowing down after the scrimmage but it's a continuing evaluation. Auburn does a good job of practicing fast and getting a lot of reps, which helps.

Wants to see Sean healthy before he really gets to naming a starting QB.

Happy with working under Gus and the autonomy he has. Says Gus is one of the best.

Braden Smith looks good anywhere he is. Great person, special guy, first one in the meeting room. Right tackle is something that'll help the team, but they're going to find the right combination overall.