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How to Watch 2017 SEC Basketball Tournament Auburn vs Missouri Live Online, Time, TV, and More

It's going to take more than just this one. But the Tigers have to win this one first.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well. What can I say about this one that I didn't say Saturday morning? Not a whole lot, really. The Tigers and the Tigers will square off for the third time this season. Auburn has won both games, so far. Now, they'll go at it at a neutral site in the SEC Basketball Tournament. Win and advance. Lose and go home. Likely for the end of the year.

The biggest question for me going into this one is how Mizzou will react now that it's public knowledge that Kim Anderson will not be returning as head coach next season. He's known about it for a few days longer than the public has. I'm not too certain just how long his team has known, though.

If they didn't know before now, then this is a Mizzou team that could be even more dangerous than they were before. They may want to send their coach out on a bit more of a high note. That makes them dangerous. Especially with Auburn likely playing tight knowing that the NIT is on the line if they can't win.

For Auburn, the formula is simple: do what they did last Saturday when they built the leads and avoid the troubles that let Mizzou continuously get back in the game and make it much closer than it should have been.

This is a game that Auburn SHOULD win. It SHOULD set up another rematch with Ole Miss. However, it is far from a gimme. As noted, Mizzou can still be very dangerous and this sets up for a perfect formula for them to take advantage of that. Auburn is going to have to fight to win this one. Survive and play another day.

How to Watch, Stream, Listen:

Time: 25 minutes after the end of Game 1 (approximately 8:25 pm Central).

TV: SEC Network

Stream: WatchESPN

Listen: Auburn Sports Network