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Link sAUsage: 9 March 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


The game against Kennesaw State went much better than Tuesday night's tilt against South Alabama. Auburn built a big lead, let the Owls rally to tie it late, but then put it away with two runs in the 8th for the 6-4 victory.


Last night's game was a perfect representative of Auburn's entire 2016-17 basketball season. And it ended in an extremely ugly fashion with a loss to Mizzou. That's probably it for this team unless they actually pursue the CBI, though I don't know why they would at this point.

On another note in basketball, we're doing a bracket challenge. Go sign up, fill out the bracket, and we'll all play together! The "winner" gets to pick a topic for me to write an article about.


Auburn did exactly what it's supposed to do when you're playing a team like Alabama State. The Tigers went nuts for 10 runs in the 1st inning and then cleared the bench to finish with the run-rule 14-0 victory. Playtime is over. The SEC schedule begins this Friday.


Commitments are always fun. Commitments from 4* offensive linemen are even better. The Tigers picked up a much-needed 4* offensive guard, yesterday.

ESPN says that Jarrett Stidham is off to a fast start at Auburn this Spring. From things I've seen/heard, it's definitely true. He's fast winning over everyone and I would be floored if he's not the starter this fall. If he isn't, then we should be even more thrilled to have two great QBs.