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Gus Malzahn 1 April 2017 Post Scrimmage Press Conference

The second scrimmage of the spring took place this morning at Jordan-Hare Stadium

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an April Fool's Joke for you: Gus Malzahn had a TON to say in today's post-scrimmage press conference! I couldn't even begin to think y'all would fall for that one.

Here's what he did say:

- Good practice overall, about 55-play scrimmage with 1s on 1s, 2s on 2s. Live kickoffs, extra points, field goals. At the end, they did 2-minute situations to get procedures down. Really liked where we're at with all three phases and one week of Spring left.

- There isn't one thing between 1s and 2s that stood out. Likes the way both sides played. Both very energetic. Starting to compete.

- Similar ratio to last scrimmage in terms of pass vs run. Probably 60/40.

- A Day will be similar to what's been done in the past. Feel good about how much depth we have and it will be more competitive. Probably 1s vs 2s. Challenge this year is there are plenty 2s that he believes could be 1s. Looking forward to seeing them going out there and competing.

- Gus and Chip will get together to have a plan on run and pass with each quarterback during A-Day. Probably a Thursday conversation.

- Gus is pretty guarded. Probably more than most. Says he needs to be.

- QBs weren't live today. All wearing orange jerseys. Didn't have as quick a whistle, though, wanted to see some extended plays.

- Jarrett Stidham said last week he has a lot of weaknesses. Gus' response: Jarrett's hard on himself. He's got some strengths, too. Coach Lindsey has to like that attitude of a QB who wants to get better. He's been impressed with the group of QBs and how they've all wanted to be coached and get better.

- WRs have god competition right now. Not ready to point out any one guy. Most of them were freshmen last year. They're talented, now they've got some experience, have to take that next step.

- Will Hastings had some catches again today. Don't really look at him as a walk-on. He's done some good things this Spring.

- CJ Tolbert is getting an opportunity at RB to get in the mix. He's got a burst. A tough guy.

- Malik Miller, Kam Martin really competing, getting a lot of reps. Trying to find depth at RB and want to avoid the scary situation we had last year.

- Big laughs because Gus mistook a question about Malik WILLIS as a question about Malik MILLER. Felt Willis had a solid week going live last week. He's got something to him. Some natural abilities.

- Would Gus consider burning his redshirt in Wildcat? Not ready to think that way. He's competing. That's more a Fall Camp question. Good spring for a guy who should be going to prom right now.

- Tray Matthews is back from hamstring and had a good scrimmage. He impressed.

- Done quite a bit live this Spring with tight ends. Wants to get a good handle on the guys for Coach Porter. He's in with the special teams, too, as special teams coordinator.

- How well does Jarrett retain information from practice, etc? Does a good job. Up at the office a lot on his own studying. Learning a new offense, new system. Sean White has done a good job, too. Can tell he's a veteran guy. No way Sean takes part in A-Day. Things are going great and don't want to risk it.

- Pretty blessed to stay pretty healthy this Spring, so far.