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Link sAUsage: 11 April 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Tigers are on the road tonight to face Samford in Birmingham. They're looking for some revenge from the thrashing the Bulldogs gave us in Auburn near the beginning of the season.


The team had their end-of-the-year banquet Sunday evening. Austin Wiley, Danjel Purifoy, and Mustapha Heron all took home awards. Mustapha was there and seemed to be just fine with taking home the player of the year, in spite of the Twitter rumor warrior a few weeks back who said he was thinking of transferring per another source of his.


The defense is just fine with not being the talk of the town while the offense gets the primary discussion. At least for now. Hopefully, when the season starts, they're both getting talked about. The offense for crushing spirits and the defense for destroying souls.

Daniel Carlson is the first player in Auburn history to win four A-Day MVP awards. That's kind of strange considering that means someone other than the kicker has won the Special Teams award in the past. I guess the punter has won it a few times? That's depressing, actually.

There was a fire outside of Jordan-Hare stadium for a brief period, yesterday. Apparently, the fire department got there pretty quickly. They have a lot of practice, as I remember the fire alarm in the stadium going off at least twice a month when I had an office just 200 or so yards away.

Will Hastings has earned an interesting nickname from his teammates. All I'll say is that I really want this to be placed into the queue for the Jordan-Hare Stadium sound system:

Is there hype for Jarrett Stidham after A-Day? You bet there is. ESPN got in on the action yesterday with an article about him. The SB Nation mothership did as well, giving a more Xs and Os approach to discussing how he can fit into Chip Lindsey's offense melded with Gus Malzahn's. One thing just about every article has in common, though, is the discussion of how Auburn has been in this position before with hyping a QB after the Spring Game. With Stidham, there's actual game experience in more than just one quarter to start a season to judge from, though.